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For Sale: For Sale: Used 16gb iPod Touch $50

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
For Sale: Used 16gb iPod Touch $50

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I recently upgraded to 4th generation so I have no need for the 3rd generation iPod here.


A few things: as a result of some water, there are some dead pixels on the screen. it does not affect functionality, it just makes some things kind of annoying to read.



-The on/off screen button on the top of the iPod does not work. It has gone in cycles from the time of ownership from being spotty to working perfectly to not working to spotty to not working. It may come back to life at some point, I'm not really sure.

-The down volume on the volume rocker isn't great. It works but you have to push an extra bit to get it to take.


The back has some engraving of a guy whose name and quote I do not know nor have I ever googled. So that can be your adventure.


The front is protected by a screen protector that has been there as long as I have owned it.


capacity is 16gb, 3rd generation. I will reset the iPod before sending it.


iPod comes with a USB cable.


SOLD. I will ship internationally at buyers expense.


Please PM me with interest and offers!

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is this ipod in good condition

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Heyy does it have any damage?

Call me (cheyenne) at 4914725(any time) or 6843429(this one only after saturday)

Please respond even if sold so I know so I don't keep seding e mails.


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is it still for sell

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Hi I was woundering about that ipod ????
For $50
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this sold 1.5 years ago. please stop PM'ing me. thanks.

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i would like to buy the ipod touch

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i would like to buy call me at 6787604532 or text any time

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i would like to buy it call or text 6787604532

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i would like to buy the ipod touch


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Is This Still For Sell Right Now!?!?!??!?!?!? Is This In Good Continiten ????? Plz Talk Back



                                                                                Need More info THanks> ^

                                                                                                                  Paytoln Calhoun

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Mee Tooo I Want To Buy Too So Plz Email BAck

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Can  i Buy

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i love ipods

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