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Help me with a crossover...

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I have 2 Aura bassshakers and id like to run them through a crossover but have no idea what to buy. Any ideas?

Basically, I wanna hear only low frequencies...
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There's something called a lowpass filter (crossover.) You can install them inline with the bass shakers. Do a search for "lowpass" on and they'll show up under "In-Line." I take it the built in lowpass on the bass shakers aren't enough for you?

Too bad they cost as much as the bass shakers themselves eh?
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Hi, Im using this old thread to ask if a  3-way crossover works the way it should if I disconnect one or two drivers(mids/tweet)

I only want to use the woofer with that crossover, I need to put resistors 4-8 Ohm to simulate t\he speakers?

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