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Any Classical Guitar Players Here?

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I recently decided I wanted to start playing an instrument again. I've goofed around with electric and acoustic guitars for years but never became close to proficient with them. On a whim I decided I'd like to learn to play classical guitar. So of course I did some internet searching and found an entry-level guitar recommendation, the Yamaha CG101A. I also purchased a hard shell case for storage and travel.

I then did some more searching to make myself more knowledgeable about classical guitar. Funny enough I stumbled upon this website where a gentleman provides lessons on how to train your fingers and hands separately before even attempting to play music. I read and read and everything made a lot of sense to me as as I said earlier I could never get to any level of proficiency. Well of course the literature is not free but I'm going to take the chance as I really do want to become proficient.

I'll post pics later when I receive the guitar.

So any other Head-Fi'ers playing the classical guitar? Any tips or recommendations on gear? Tuning devices, etc.?

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Congrats on learning classical guitar. It's hard work, at least it is for me! I'm pretty crap because I don't have the discipline for finger exercises, which I think is essential for some of the stuff I like to try and play, like this: Asturias, Isaac Albeniz -


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHbGCcFbQCU ...


and this... Romanza - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4bCVkxLTXs


If you look at the chord he makes at 0.19 in Romanza, it's one I find impossible to hold down because as soon as I put my middle finger on the G string, my index finger moves off the other strings no matter how hard I try to keep it pressed down frown.gif - and it hurts! Practice hasn't made it any easier. I just can't keep my index finger pressed down flat on all those strings, so I kind of skim over that bit smily_headphones1.gif


For tuning, I just use a regular guitar tuner, the one that looks like a whistle.


Anyway, good luck with it, and persevere with the finger exercises. It's very enjoyable to see yourself make progress. I might even dust off my guitar and try that chord again! Or not. Unless I have a weight attached to my finger, haha.

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