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Starting over from square one

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Hi guys it's been awhile since I have been around. Well due to a robbery and not having renters insurance I have lost it all. My 530's gone, Grados gone, HD650 gone, 701's gone, dac amps everything gone (tear). My lesson being be carful who you trust showing that you have nice things and get some damn insurance even if you are only renting a small studio apt.

Anyways out of all of it I miss my Grado 225's the most as they got the most play. I managed to buy me a 4g iPod touch and had $20 left over for some skull candy iem that are at least better then the apple buds that come with the iPod. I feel so ashamed listening to skull candys after having such great cans. So I guess my question is how much are 225's going for these days. I expect to be able to afford some cans in a couple of months as I have a lot to catch up on first. Also what is the latest and greatest in the can world as I have yet to do a bunch of catch up reading on the forum here.

Ok y'all I have to run and thanks for letting me vent and whine a little bit just remember to keep on keeping on.
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Damn, that's a heartbreaking story! I have a lot of empathy for you. I got my pair of Sr225is for 200 dollars online. Maybe you could look into one of the Allesandro Grado models? It might be nice to start over with a similar but different can.

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The street price is $200.00 but there is a pair of 225i in the FS forum for $160.00.

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I know the feeling man. I've been there, had all my stuff (everything of any value) ripped off a few years back. 


But (and I don't know if you agree) in a strange way it was a little liberating too.


You realise that you're still you, you're still healthy, still have friends and loved ones and those possessions were just "stuff" and not that important really.

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Ya your right it was just stuff, but it was also a lot of personal sacrifice to aquire those things. I know that on occasion I have seen 225's go for as little as $100 in the for sale threads and I am keeping my eye open as I will probably only be able to start with $100 or less and need something that can be ampless until I am able to build up a little bit more.
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