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These look rather tasty ... on the list of potentials for sure ...


They'll probably fall right into the price range you're going to end up spending.  Somewhere between $300 - $600, haha.


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My wife complains about leakage from the HD650's at average listening level but not on D7000's Unless I have them louder than I should for my ear health.

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I really liked the D7000's, but people at work said I looked like I was wearing sofa cushions on my head.  Also, the guy sitting next to me could tell whenever I would listen to something embarrassing like Lady Gaga, etc. and he'd give me the "I'm not judging you" raised eyebrow.  Currently collecting info on the Ultrasone Signature Pro's.  I haven't seen any photos of people wearing them, so I wonder whether they are any slimmer... and looking to see whether they can be had for less than $1k.

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If the leakage and isolation on the D7000 is anything like the D5000, you don't want them.  They're not as bad as the HD-650, but they're still not very good in that department. 


The SRH-940 is an overall amazing headphone which ticks most of your boxes, except for the punchy bass, which it has very little of.

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I recommend the Audio Technica ATH-W5000 "Raffinato" headphones as well.

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