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For Sale: Beyer DT880/600 + Audio-Technica AD2000 balanced

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For Sale:
Beyer DT880/600 + Audio-Technica AD2000 balanced

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I just pulled the trigger on a new pair of LCD-2, so selling my two current pairs to compensate.


First is my trusty pair of Audio-Technica AD2000, that I've had for almost four years now. They have had good use during the first year, then were used sparingly for two years, and had almost no use at all in the last 10-12 months. About a year and a half ago, I had a new cable made by Pdupiano, using four strands right up to the connector. Last year, I bought a set of Vampire 3-pin XLRs, removed the 1/4" plug and soldered the XLRs. Now, there were two hiccups: first, the y-split I made was so weak I removed it right afterwards since it was putting too much strain on the wires. Also, The heatshrink I put to hold the y-split to the connectors also didnt hold. What I did actually was to drill three holes in a Y shape in a piece of cherrywood, then cut the wood piece in half and glued the wood back with the wires stuck inside. It made a quite strong y-split, however it is not attached to the XLR plugs. The only things connecting the wood y-split to the XLR plugs are the wires themselves. That makes a pretty weak cable, but since I have lots of space and I put blue-tack under the wooden y-split so the wires wouldn't get any strain, so I didn't care. The headphones themselves have less than 600 hours on them and are in pristine physical condition, with original packaging.


Due to the fact these are very hard to find in Canada, I'm asking 400$ CDN/USD + shipping. If you have any sort of DIY skills you could work these up very easily but just cutting the cable by about 6" and re-do the y-split.



Second is the reason I didn't use my AD2000 this year: Beyer DT880-600. Got those last december from B&H. I had them running on my ASL Twinhead with great results. The reason I'm selling these is that I fell in love with the LCD-2 we had at the SSI, and just had a good deal on a pair. They are still on warranty, I will join the invoice. Selling those for $ CDN/USD + shipping. SOLD SOLD SOLD


I would like to keep those in Canada since we always have more trouble getting stuff, but I'm open to USA or internation buyers, you pay shipping anyway so I'm not worried. They will be shipped using Canadapost.

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edit:never mind, i still need to think about it, sorry

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How much for the DT880 by themselves? Also, Canada Post is on strike right now, so you'd have to fedex.


EDIT: Nvm, didn't notice the DT880 price.

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The dt880s have been reserved.

The AD2000s are still available, and I also have an Antique SoundLabs HB1 and a Einar Sound VC-01i for sale, could make a combo sale if anyone is interested.


The VC-01i + balanced AD2000 is a very good combo, I would still use it if I didn't have my LCD2s right now on my heado2smile.gif

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The beyers are now sold, but the AD2000 are still available. I am now open to offers for the Ad2000 or AD2000 + Einar sound VC-01i combo. The Einar is 600$ new, and it has had very few hours on it (less than 100), so the combo would be around 750$, or make me an offer. I'm not using those two pieces right now so I wish someone could enjoy it...

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