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Sennheiser MM 450 Travel and the WOWee One, for the traveling Head-Fi'ers - Head-Fi TV, Episode 007

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TIP:  Make sure to watch this video with headphones, or through speakers with
good bass response, as there is an audio demo in this video that requires it.


Episode 007 of Head-Fi TV was just uploaded.  In this episode are two products that are ideally suited for those Head-Fi'ers who travel a lot, and particularly those who spend a lot of time on airplanes and in hotels.


Products mentioned in this video:





Make sure you're wearing good headphones--or listening through speakers with good bass response--as that will be important for a short audio demo in this video.




Head-Fi TV Episode 007 produced by Joseph Cwik and Jude Mansilla



If you want to submit any questions (or comments), you can do so via email to tv@head-fi.org

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I've seen actual speakers sold that are just resonance devices; they attach to anything and shake them to turn the surface into a speaker. That's how the WoWee works I wager. It's cool tech, not really new, but I like that it comes in a small package and is rechargeable. I'd love to hear it attached to different surfaces (glass versus wood for example). Thanks for the video!


Very best,

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Great video Jude, you're getting more and more used to the camera =)


PS: Was I the only one giggling everytime you said "gell bottom" ?

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Another great video from jude, im glad you have shown me this WOWee one speaker or ''bass box'' i was listening to the first bit of this video through my laptop speakers and i do have to argee that laptop speakers are just very flimsy and not what so ever there when it comes to the lows,

so this might be worth a pick up.


I liked your review on the sen,s but saddly my ears just can,t stand anything sitting on them.


thanks again for another video looking forwards to the next one. :)

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HAHAHA I just went and got one for my gf.  She fell in love with it and wants the pink one.   thanx for the product reviews Jude!  

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I was contemplating Sony NC-600s for when I have to fly, so I might have to take a look at these Sennheisers as well.  Great work describing them. Maybe we should encourage more regular reviewers to make video reviews.

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I'm going to get a wowee one to give my fart app the visceral impact it deserves!!!


seriously though thats a pretty cool little gizmo. really great idea.   I've certainly never seen anything like it.

its kind of like having a portable tube output stage.. you can "roll the tubes" by placing it on different types of surfaces to change the sound signature. 

50 bucks aint too bad either.


just not sure if i have a use for it. 

it would be interesting to try it in conjunction with a pair of headphones that didnt produce enough bass for your liking.. split the signal into this thing and heck.. maybe you could just set it on your chest.

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Originally Posted by LizardKing1 View Post

Great video Jude, you're getting more and more used to the camera =)


PS: Was I the only one giggling everytime you said "gell bottom" ?

Nope :P

Could you do some more sound demos of products? Specifically headphones. I saw a video review of a headphone once where a guy used a strange microphone and held the headphones up to it. It actually sounded decent, so you might want to look into that.

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I haven't heard of this portable speaker before but it sounds promising.

Have you heard of the XMI X-Mini II portable speakers? They're a fraction of the price and I've seen a lot of positive reviews about its bass range. I can't say myself since I haven't heard them in person yet.
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Nice T-Shirt ;-)

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Some helpful tips and a fun fact about MM450

If the cool features doesn't work while Bluetooth connected to your mobile device then check to see if your device doesn't have another music or video player app installed. I know for a fact when using the original software some Sony-Ericsson models with older windows mobile on them had problems using any Bluetooth device with the Sony smarty design music player app while the mobile windows media player worked perfect just like Itunes, Foobar2000, VLC and such major brand media software supports all the major Bluetooth commands. My better half uses her MM450 on her laptop controlling Foobar2000. Also they work with your crApple device.

FYI TalkTought is basically/simplified some engineer [team] I don't know who got the idea to use the mic's for calls and use them for binaural listening with a boost to the voice spectrum thats also used to make the receiver of your phone calls to hear you in adverse conditions. Basically some of Sennheiser international travelers in marketing or quality assurance was tired of having to take them off when ordering refills on the airplane wink.gif
Also fun fact MM450 are featured in a negotiation scene of the movie R.E.D.

Just poke me if you need more info on MM450 - gave them some love in the day and still have some contacts in quality and support that will love to help us out.
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thanks a lot for these 2 reviews!!


I'm really curious about your opinions and experience of the MM450 compared to IEM's (e.g. Shure se215/315/425 or Westone 2/UM3), specifically on noise isolation and SQ when used on public transport such as airplanes and trains.

I'm asking this as you seem to have a lot of field-experience with both during travelling while being a head-fier smily_headphones1.gif.


I use public transportation quite often. That's why I'm looking for the right balance between sound quality, portability, comfort (!) and high background-noise isolation.

(For use in quieter places or places where I need to here the outside environment -such as at home, on the streets or at work- I have other headphones I really like such as the Yuin G2, Senn mx880 and Sony MDR7056)



From some quick test I could do in a store when  was abroad, the Bose active-NC was impressive (less their SQ), the Sennheisers PXC-215 isolation (active & passive) was almost ridiculous in comparison. The IEM's (Shure se315 and se535 :-| ) had the best SQ (logically), but they didn't seem to isolate me from the background-noise as well as the Bose. (I'm not talking about the voice of the seller talking to me from 1m distance, but 'background-noise' from the crowd and 'machines'...eventhough I tested it in a store...)



So I'm really curious about the MM450 (~cheaper PXC310 or PXC310BT) as I suppose it should be much better than the PXC215, but I don't know how they would compare to IEM such as the Shure & Westone's on public transport. confused_face%281%29.gif


Could you share your opinion/experience/preferences on this specific topic: MM450 vs IEM's on public transport?

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Jude - I see a pair of AudioEngine P4 speakers and their N22 amp on your desktop - any chance we can get you opinion on that setup?

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Nice vid-ep again Jude. Lots of fun to watch these frequent tidbits of headphone audio tech!


Do either the MM450 (or the larger 550) support the higher quality APT-X codec over Bluetooth? (even though no iOS device does yet)

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I tried the MM450 briefly at an Apple store few months ago, and I was really, really surprised by the SQ. what I remember most that's not be mentioned in the vid is how non-fatiguing this hp's seemed to be - the sound seemed to flow effortlessly - very, very pleasing. I reckon they could be used for hours without feeling a hint of fatigue.


then I checked the rrp, and wondered - for a Bluetooth hp? - nah.  I have to go and give them another listen.

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