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ADD to the Comply Compatibility List

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Hey Head-Fi,


Nate from ComplyFoam.com here to ask for your help.


As you may or may not know, we have an extensive list of earphone brands and models that are compatible with our tips (we have over 100). You might also know that keeping up with the earphone industry is dang near impossible.


We're constantly bringing earphones in to put through our extensive compatibility testing procedures. Some come out compatible, some don't.


I'm making this thread to ask for your help by suggesting earphones to test.


So, what earphones are missing from our Shop Foam Tips button (a.k.a. the tip selector) that you would like us to test and hopefully add a "stamp of approval" for compatibility?


Also, today only (6/9) we have a 25% off ANY order order coupon code: SteveIsStillHere



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T-200's work with the Audio Technica CK10.  They go on and come off with just the right amount of force and are the correct length for my medium sized ear canals.  

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I may be totally wrong, but I believe our engineers decided the CK10s were not compatible. I'll check for sure though

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Hi Nate-


I love Comply tips and use them whenever I can.  In fact, earlier this week I purchased -- and just three days later received -- the T200's for my CK10's.  I'd read on head-fi how well they worked.  How about testing them on the Soundmagic pl50's and the Meelectronics A151's--I know you guys have tested them on the PL30's as well as other Meelectronics iems.  While I have other more expensive iems, I still like both of these.  The multi-colored tips are great--please consider extending them to the wax guard and sphere tips.  


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I think the new VSonic GR07 should be added.  It'd be nice to see what you guys have to say about them.  Some people say that the Tx200s fit, but are a little loose...and some people say that the P100 fits too.  But it is a little obscure...


Also, you guys did try out the PL50 and came to the conclusion that none of the tips really fit it, is that right?

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Originally Posted by DaBomb77766 View Post

I think the new VSonic GR07 should be added.

COSIGNED!  It's interesting cause it's tough to get a real deep insertion with these due to the housing design.. so if Comply could test out which fits best, that would be most appreciated.  Plus, the GR07 are quite the rage around here at the moment, so having a Comply tip that fits could bode well for business.


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+3 for GR07

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Quick log in to see what ya'll said. I'll check with one of my mates here to see what has/hasn't been tested.

I'll be back with answers (hopefully soon)

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Hey all, here's a quick update for some new models that have been added to our Approved list.

  • Aiaiai - Pipe
  • Aiaiai - Swirl
  • Altec Lansing - Backbeat 326
  • Altec Lansing - Bliss Platinum
  • Audio Technica - ATH-CK303m
  • Audio Technica - ATH-CKM55
  • Audio Technica - ATH-CKM77
  • Koss - KDX silver
  • ME Electronics - A151
  • Monster - Butterfly
  • Sennheiser - MM-70
  • Shure - SE 215
  • Sony - MDR-EX 600


We have the DUNU Ares, Sony MDR-700 & 1000 in testing and I'm bringing in another small batch earphones to test soon.


I can't find a pair of the Vsonic GR07 anywhere! I'm working on it... If someone volunteered to send me their earphones, I would test those (without damaging them) and send them some tips as a Thank You. Think about it.

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