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NWZ-S755 alternatives?

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My old NWZ-S639F has been acting crazy for a couple of weeks now (it turns on and off constantly when not playing anything, which drains the battery), so I'm in need of a replacement. I've been quite happy with it, so I'm looking to buy something similar and the NWZ-s755 seems the logical successor.


What I'm looking for is:

- Slim and small MP3 player (FLAC would be appreciated, but is not a necessity. I don't care about video)

- Long battery life

- Decent sound

- Preferably MicroUSB

- No touch controls


Is there anything similar from other brands that I should consider or should I just try to find the S755? So far the only one I've seen that meets my requirements is the Cowon iAudio9, but it's hard to find and a tad more expensive.



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You might want to consider the Sony Walkman NWZ-E355. Very similar to NWZ-S755 except:


- Mini/Micro USB (can't remember which) instead of proprietary dock

- No noise cancellation feature

- Plastic construction instead of metal

- Cheaper price


Other than that, the Walkman SQ and long battery life are still intact in a small compact player with only button controls.

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Ah thanks, that's great. I'm going to buy that one for sure if it indeed comes with microUSB.

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I just bought a S755 in the UK, hoping that the complaints about the low volume were from those with loud needs. I'm afraid not, they do Ok indoors but there is no chance of hearing anything with a bit of external noise, they're even lower than the Clip + which isn't particularly loud.


This is so frustrating, the player really is perfect for my needs in terms of size, weight and amazing battery life. Is there anything even close to this player without the ridiculous noise neutering? Or will I just have to pay through the nose to import one confused.gif


I should be getting some Westone 4s soon, I want a player that is more sophisticated than the Clip + with a larger screen to see what I am doing, physical buttons so I can skip tracks, ff/ff while cycling and yet something that is still very small and light. The UI on the S755 looked fantastic as well, with a very vivd screen.

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