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XB700 vs. XB500 vs. MDR-V6 || Which should I purchase?

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I want whichever have the best bass, But also the best for listening to rock n roll, prog rock/metal, dubstep and some hip-hop/rap


Which of the 3 meets these requirements? I've been listening to alot of dubstep and bass heavy music lately, but I also like to listen to alot of rock and prog metal with some hip hop here and there, which of these are best for listening to such music?





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I'd rule out V6, between XB500 & XB700 it's more difficult to say, some prefer XB700, some prefer XB500, both should be fine though. I personally prefer XB500 due to the more impact in bass and more forward/"in your face" kind of sound, XB500 has very even bass response from the deepest to the highest bass notes (10 ~ 300Hz) while XB700 is similarly strong or possibly tiny bit stronger in very deep bass (10 ~ 100Hz) but the bass response is rolled-off already at 100Hz or so which makes it very deep bass focused but won't have as much punch/impact like XB500. The highs are a bit more emphasized on XB700 and a bit smooth sounding on XB500. XB500 IMO needs slight EQ tweaking to sound optimal, XB700 is closer to the optimal balance even if mids may be a bit recessed though, the XB500 has some excessive upper bass boost around 250~300Hz that may need to be lowered or a slight boost to the mids and highs while on XB700 I'd prefer boosting upper bass to midrange. (250Hz - 2kHz).

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The V6 is very neutral with a very flat frequency response. I have had the V6 for 23 years. The XB500 and XB700 look interesting, however I am worried that vocals on them will sound too warm(especially on the XB500). Is the bass on the XB500 and XB700 somewhat controlled, or is it boomy? How does the the XB500 compare to the JVC HAS4x? I saw frequency response curves for the XB500 and XB700 but couldn't find them for the HAS4x and HAM5x. I want to try an extra bass headphone, however I want one that doesn't taint the lower midrange(vocals). Which frequencies are most important for vocals? Are they around 200-1,000 hz?

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The PIONEER SE-M290 have the more detailed/textured bass I have ever heard. And the impact is just crazy with those 40mm dynamic drivers and bass duct like a subwoofer. You can feel the drivers moving on your ears. The definition is simply incredible, I haven't found any better including "top-tier" $500 IEMs and even the much more expensive DT770. They're warm, but not in a way that vocals sound unnatural. They're clean and liquid (after 200 hrs burn-in). Treble is also good and not fatiguing. Very smooth. These are the best 40mm cans I've heard. Selling mines as my Sony A865 doesn't have sufficient power for them and I don't want to use an amp on the go (too much gear) frown.gif

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Hmm those Pioneers looks interesting, first time I've ever seen any1 mention them. They really do seem to have been made for bassheads though, it's even designed as a small sub enclosure with literally a bass port which looks like one too lol.

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