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Hey everyone,


I'm someone who listens to my cans (HD-650) mainly with vinyl being my source. My system consists of a Linn LP12/RB700/Benz Micro Silver, to a Rega cursa 3 pre-amp, then my Little Dot MKIII. I'm a 90% or so analog listener, and I listen to headphones about 75% of the time. I have the 650's with a Cardas cable, and I've been in love ever since. Ditching the Rega Ear and going to the Little Dot was a amazing experience. The Little Dot does everything better, no matter what music I listen to.


I recently had a pretty early death on my Ortofon 2M Bronze's cantilever. I picked up a slightly used Benz Micro Sliver which is high output moving coil. The Benz only puts out 2 mV vs the 5 mV Bronze. So far I love the Benz a great deal more than the 2M. It really constructs the sound stage with amazing detail and widens the whole picture on a sensory level. The issue is on some of my vinyl recordings I can mostly max out the volume on most music, beyond 3 o'clock or so the surface noise does increase a bit.


When using the Bronze I got plenty of volume. My Cursa 3 to my HK 775 Monos powers a much higher level of volume, so I'm wondering what and how I could achieve more power from the Little Dot? I'm not really able to buy another amp and really do love the sound of the LD so far. So I would like to see what I could do with the LD.


I've searched around a bit but don't know much about DIY mods in the audio world. And was hoping someone could give some guidance. Thanks.

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