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What's On Your Mind?

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Here in Tennessee we've had the coldest May every followed by what is becoming the hotest June in history.  But I could care less. Because what's on my my mind is the next beer I'm going to drink, (I've enough drunk to be crazy typing)  and the next  A.C.T song that's about to be played via Foobar.


My mind is simple!

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the gap between the boobs is too big

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Donkey screen saver.
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gay bacon strips.

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The Sun smells too loud.

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$100 vinyl

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Stop the SPAM

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Rating scales and scores in reviews. Why have they got to be "difficult" and use a scale like 1 to 8, or 1 to 15, then when scoring give a rating like 8.75/15..


Keep it simple and less pretentious please. A scale of 1 to 5, or 1 to 10 will do nicely. Scores with a decimal are only fine when the number after the decimal is a 5 and only a 5.



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monte carlo distribution

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CDJapan prices

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Falcon punch

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$120 vinyl

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