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i was using the LE's with my galaxy s4 with FLAC audio files and 320kb mp3s.

however i sold my phone so that irrelevant now as im on the market for a new source.


to be honest i dont have any comfort complaints about the stock cable. i had the baldur mkII untill the right channel died , and did experience a larger sound spectrum with it. plus the bass was more defined.


lately i've started reading a little more about the materials used on these cables (OCC,OFC ,silver plated,silver wire,5N/6N/7N) and was wondering if they made any difference to the sound as what i had experienced with the baldur cable.


ofcourse sound is a very subjective matterno arguments there..but points of durabillity and comfort of use can be made. even sound wise,im possitive that an upgrade cable would make a difference in the sound.

cant say if for the better or worse..or just simply different. so wanted to get your guys thoughts and inputs.

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Using the effect audio Apollo cable with my se535 ltd-j, very ergonomic, super light and built well with original shure mmcx connectors and a nice staggered strain relief on the Jack, no memory wire which is much more comfy and less microphonic than stock, sound wise, bass is maybe a tad more defined, soundstage has more depth but otherwise just small improvements that make a great iem godly, especially the better ergonomics.
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Well here = Currently trying out the Baldur MKIII Cable bought from the bay.
Not done too many hrs on it yet but will report back on it when compared to a custom copper & silver plated cable I already own + the stock grey/ white coloured Shure SE535LTD Cable.
My 1st impressions are that it needs a good few hrs burn in time or it's not actually real Nordost baldur cable/ wire that the guy uses...
I'm hoping it just needs a bit of burn in wink.gif FINGERS CROSSED :P

Can say only 1 thing & it's that the Copper & Silver plated cable does open up the 535Red's a bit more than the stock, wider range etc... So going on that assumption of the copper silver plated sounding better I would recommend opting for solid silver if you can afford it TBH. I use all Solid Silver Custom Phono Cables on my main Hi-Fi mostly Linn components & seems the same deal. Silver's always a good choice for those who seek clarity/ transparency IMHO.

Back to crossing my fingers on the Baldur MKIII needing burn in hehe wink.gif

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I'm going to ask this overall, but if someone has used both stock and aftermarket on the SE425 let me know.  Is a cable upgrade something that I would notice when using my Cowon iAudio 9+ (24/48) or would I have to be using my setup listed in my sig?  If the answer is yes, is this something you can tell a difference with when listening to say a Netflix stream on your tablet?  Thanks!

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I believed that it was impossible to change the sound of any iem with a cable, but on my se535`s it did make a difference. Changing from the stock cable to an Effect Audio Apollo didn`t change the sound at all, perhaps the bass was a tad punchier and the soundstage a bit more dimmensional, but the rest of the spectrum was about the same only ergonomics were much improved. I eventually decided to upgrade to an Effect Audio Thor Copper as I had a discount voucher and to my surprise, the iems sounded noticeably better, worth $150? perhaps not, but from my HTC M8 there was still hiss but it was a little less pronounced and there was clearly less distortion somehow, also the sound sig just sounded cleaner and maybe a little more extended. It was this combination of many subtle improvements that made a noticeable increase in sound quality.

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Originally Posted by takoyaki7 View Post

Actually there is an official cable that is 1.2m (shorter than the 1.6m that come with the se535)

Good/bad point is no memory wire (i find it doesnt always stay behind the ears so well)
Its also quite a bit thinner than the stock cable, less bulky but a bit flimsy.

Its usually about $50 - for example


Im pretty sure that the official shure remote cable is supposed to be worn under the ear, not over. Cus it fits perfectly under ear, but over ear its a completely retarded fit. Kinda sucks because if i use under ear it gets pulled and it has some weight so its not comfortable. An over ear cable without memory cable would be perfect. I have a light one for my ie80's that works perfectly over ear without memory wire.

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I got the Impact Audio Cables balanced cables for my SE535 connected to Onkyo DP-X1 2.5 mm TRRS balanced output.

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Originally Posted by singleended58 View Post

I got the Impact Audio Cables balanced cables for my SE535 connected to Onkyo DP-X1 2.5 mm TRRS balanced output.

Well, thoughts?
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