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i was using the LE's with my galaxy s4 with FLAC audio files and 320kb mp3s.

however i sold my phone so that irrelevant now as im on the market for a new source.


to be honest i dont have any comfort complaints about the stock cable. i had the baldur mkII untill the right channel died , and did experience a larger sound spectrum with it. plus the bass was more defined.


lately i've started reading a little more about the materials used on these cables (OCC,OFC ,silver plated,silver wire,5N/6N/7N) and was wondering if they made any difference to the sound as what i had experienced with the baldur cable.


ofcourse sound is a very subjective matterno arguments there..but points of durabillity and comfort of use can be made. even sound wise,im possitive that an upgrade cable would make a difference in the sound.

cant say if for the better or worse..or just simply different. so wanted to get your guys thoughts and inputs.

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Using the effect audio Apollo cable with my se535 ltd-j, very ergonomic, super light and built well with original shure mmcx connectors and a nice staggered strain relief on the Jack, no memory wire which is much more comfy and less microphonic than stock, sound wise, bass is maybe a tad more defined, soundstage has more depth but otherwise just small improvements that make a great iem godly, especially the better ergonomics.
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Well here = Currently trying out the Baldur MKIII Cable bought from the bay.
Not done too many hrs on it yet but will report back on it when compared to a custom copper & silver plated cable I already own + the stock grey/ white coloured Shure SE535LTD Cable.
My 1st impressions are that it needs a good few hrs burn in time or it's not actually real Nordost baldur cable/ wire that the guy uses...
I'm hoping it just needs a bit of burn in wink.gif FINGERS CROSSED :P

Can say only 1 thing & it's that the Copper & Silver plated cable does open up the 535Red's a bit more than the stock, wider range etc... So going on that assumption of the copper silver plated sounding better I would recommend opting for solid silver if you can afford it TBH. I use all Solid Silver Custom Phono Cables on my main Hi-Fi mostly Linn components & seems the same deal. Silver's always a good choice for those who seek clarity/ transparency IMHO.

Back to crossing my fingers on the Baldur MKIII needing burn in hehe wink.gif

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I'm going to ask this overall, but if someone has used both stock and aftermarket on the SE425 let me know.  Is a cable upgrade something that I would notice when using my Cowon iAudio 9+ (24/48) or would I have to be using my setup listed in my sig?  If the answer is yes, is this something you can tell a difference with when listening to say a Netflix stream on your tablet?  Thanks!

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I believed that it was impossible to change the sound of any iem with a cable, but on my se535`s it did make a difference. Changing from the stock cable to an Effect Audio Apollo didn`t change the sound at all, perhaps the bass was a tad punchier and the soundstage a bit more dimmensional, but the rest of the spectrum was about the same only ergonomics were much improved. I eventually decided to upgrade to an Effect Audio Thor Copper as I had a discount voucher and to my surprise, the iems sounded noticeably better, worth $150? perhaps not, but from my HTC M8 there was still hiss but it was a little less pronounced and there was clearly less distortion somehow, also the sound sig just sounded cleaner and maybe a little more extended. It was this combination of many subtle improvements that made a noticeable increase in sound quality.

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