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Curious abt the furutech from ebay and Chris' cable as well. Any news so far?

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Haven't tried Furutech cables, but Chris' cables are pretty amazing especially for the price he charges.

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u could ask lillee too .. he makes pretty amazing cables ... and is a great human ... !!


very informative... gee if i had the dough.. i  would just buy things from him to learn about them!!



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the one he made for me is 4n/6n ofhc silver plated copper... and theres definitely improvement in the sound .. i noticed a slight increase in cymbal decay ... and definitely theres more detail ....

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he proposed that this cable will perform around 90 percent of what the baldur mk2 does... since he has heard the baldurs and dream cables.. ..and though ive not heard the other cables ..im very much happy with the extra detail that these things are able to put out .. 

now to invest in an amp!! 

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been tryin to put up the pic with every post above but some stupid error pops!! ..


he even uses high grade 4% silver solder and the jack is oyaide(rhodium)...

really decent and helpful guy... wish i cud have him as my boss or somthin .. ! hehehe

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sorry for the delay .. there you go!!! finally ...

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anyone interested in selling their stock 535 cable please pm me
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Originally Posted by darkdawn00 View Post

anyone interested in selling their stock 535 cable please pm me

I purchased furutech from ebay and planning to sell my stock cable :) pm me ur location

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the improvements are good if you ask me, but its not going to completely change the se 535s ..


the easiest improvement that you will find with a 6n (OFHC) cable is the better instrument seperation.. after that is the below 


whatever treble is present gains a noticable body but the roll off remains , mids remain the same and the bass gets slightly tighter but dont hold the last against me.. i still have to verify that and don't use the se 535s much these days .. i would also go on to say the clarity is top notch as usual .. 


overall the improvements will be very much noticable if you have an amp for them .. as the source and dap i use do not justify ..but straight out of an ipod i found the above to be minute yet not negligible! 

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Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone else had a stock or 'upgrade' Shure cable to sell? And also whether anyone knew whether the MKIII Baldur cable was any good -- description seems to admit it's basically the same as the MKII: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baldur-MKIII-upgrade-cable-for-Shure-SE535-SE425-SE315-SE215-UE900-UE-900-/251215613488?pt=UK_Home_Garden_CD_DVDStorage_SM&hash=item3a7d9e0e30.

Incidentally, I bought a Baldur MKII last year from an ebay user called 'liutaiyo', and the right channel stopped working within a week or so. I returned it and was sent a 'replacement', but exactly the same fault occurred again after a few days. After that he never responded to any of my messages. So basically I recommend never buying anything from that guy.

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I bought a MKII from the same seller of the link you posted, and it worked nice for some months, but now the right channel has stopped working for me as well...

Now I'm wondering how reliable these 'upgrade' cables are, and if it's worth it to buy a new one with the risk of seeing it failing again after 6-7 months...


Anyone had better experience with different sellers / cables?

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like that?


just look for Plussound audio
their quality & support is awesome!!!

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There are loads of configuration options on their website: http://www.plussoundaudio.com/iemcables.html


Would you recommend a particular one?

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That depends on your preferences, I think they're all very nice and custom.


Personally I really like (and own) a Echo series cable.


Only negative thing is the earguides, which are not flexible...


So, it's your choice ;)

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