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Musical Fidelity M1 Dac or PS Audio DL III

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I'm in desperate need of a balanced DAC to pair with my wa22 amplifier.

My set up will be Essence STX -> DAC -> wa22 -> PS1000's. I am extremely close to purchasing the m1 dac, but I can't help to notice some great deals on the DL III that put it in the same $700 price range. Unfortunately, I have had no luck finding comparisons.


I am tempted to buy both off crutchfield, then return the least favorite. However, I was hoping for advise before I go through all that.


Another strong contender is the audio-gd NFB-1, but that is a bit more expensive.


Any thoughts?

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Slow down a bit.


Get yourself a good list of balanced dacs in your budget...there are tons of them, filter by the ones most easily returned [may be worth it to audition], then take your time to read reviews and gain an overall consensus of each product.  Its really worth it to do your homework.


Price/Performance ratio might go to the Yulong D100




Good Luck.

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Musical Fidelity M1

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I don't know what the top of your price range is, but Headroom recently updated the UDAC with the ess9018 chip and as you may recall it is a balanced DAC.  It is a heck of a DAC if you can swing it.  Duke (9pintube) and I have been comparing it to the EE minimax with upgraded opamps and as good as the EE is, the UDAC is better in terms of soundstage, detail and cohesiveness. Perhaps you would like to audition mine?  I think the M1 is probably a very good DAC, but I'm a bit concerned that it is essentially an upgraded V-DAC.  I haven't heard it so I may very well be wrong!


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Tom, its amazing how vividly I remember listening to your setup even if it was for just a few moments. It was the first top-to-bottom hi-end headphone rig I've had the pleasure listening to. I appreciate your recommendation on the udac, and have no doubt that it is wonderful, but it is unfortunately out of my price range. My budget is a firm $900, and the cheaper the better. Regardless of which dac I choose, I would really enjoy an opportunity to meet up and listen to your equipment (Perhaps another cinci/dayton meet could be worthwhile).


Dynobot, thanks for your input on the Yulong unit. Part of me feels like there is no need to invest in a dac/amp combo, but the other part reminds myself that some of the most well-known DACs are of such flavor (i.e. benchmark, lavry). I will have too look into it.

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I am facing the same problem right now Musical Fidelity M1 Dac or PS Audio DL III? What was your decision?

Br, Krozik 

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