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Bowers and Wilkins P5's

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New to this forum, so looking forward to receiving some great ideas.


Elsewhere on this forum I'm querying about IEM's, but here I'll ask for opinions on the quality of the B&W P1's for occasional use outside the home, but mainly for use at home.


I listen to a lot of electronic dance music (from Faithless to Hard Trance DJs) and occasionally hard metal (i.e. Rammstein) and am looking for deep yet punchy bass.


In my experience of headphones I found my old Sony MDR-V700's delivered the best bass and comfort too.  Worst alround were my Grado SR80's which bled sound to the annoyance of everyone around and I was embarrassed with the looks of them.


Thank you.

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I suggest clicking on "Advanced Search" below the search field above, selecting "Titles only" and putting in Bowers & Wilkins P5. Also, try the Head Gear section as most common products have reviews there and there are also links to threads discussing them.  That should give you a head start, as there are some good reviews available.  Also, is there an Apple Store near you by any chance? They have them on display.  I say all this as opinions on them are very mixed.

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