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My Sony X1060 has drowned in a cloudburst

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I was out today with my iPod Touch, Sansa Clip and Sony X1060 in my rain jacket pocket. my Sony X1060 is in a sock kind of case. Anyway, when I was out I was caught in a cloudburst of heavy rain. When I got home I checked to see if my mp3 players were okay and they were except for my precious Sony X1060 Walkman. the sock case was absolutely soaking and when I tried to switch my X1060 on it wouldn't turn on. I then plugged it into the mains and was relieved to see the Sony Walkman logo appear on the screen. However, about five minutes later I unplugged it and turned it back on again. Unfortunately it wouldn't turn on and I could see a slight whiteness on the top right hand of the screen. I have now put it into a bowl of rice for an hour to see if that will fix it. I fear I've lost my favourite mp3 player frown.gif

UPDATE: I have plugged it back into the mains and the Walkman logo has reappeared on the display with the words "every moment has it's music" but nothing else is happening.

UPDATE 2: I cannot get rid of the Walkman logo screen. When I press the reset button it goes off but the Walkman logo screen automatically comes back on. I then connected it to my Mac via USB and it still recognises it where I am able to view the files and music.

UPDATE 3: I have tried the reset button again and it has finally turned off without the Walkman logo screen reappearing but now I fear that my X1060 has died as I cannot switch it on now and when I connect it to my Mac nothing happens

UPDATE 4: Okay, it is now going on and loading library and i am now able to play music but some VPT surround functions don't work and it automatically switches itself off.

Does anyone know of a good alternative Sony DAP to replace my beloved X1060?
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Why not get a Cowon......?


I feel your pain, I lost my first MP3 player, a older Sansa because on day it just didn't want to charge. It was like DAP suicide.....


But I've compared the X1060 to my S9 and there was a bog difference. Cowons are build stronger and I've even gotten mine wet before, still plays perfectly.

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I already own a Cowon J3 and it's a great DAP but the SQ of my Sony X1060 is better IMHO. I was thinking of the the A800 series as that has the same S-Master amp as my X1060 did but I'm not sure if it's better.
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Try sticking the Sony unit in a bowl of dry rice for a day or so. See if that helps dry it out.

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i was reading about this in relation to iphones some time ago. The solution that seemed to work best was to place the device in a sealed container with the rice for several days, (turned off).


I imagine it's because the only moisture the rice can draw in is from the device, not the surrounding air.


I always thought you were best not try to power a wet device.

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I stuck my Sony X1060 DAP into a bowl of long grain rice overnight. This morning I removed my DAP from the bowl of rice but it still wouldn't power on. I then pluged it back into the mains and hit the reset switch and I get presented again with the Sony Walkman logo boot screen but the progress bar freezes at 70% :( I then used a hair dryer for about 5 minutes but still get the same problem.


I will try the bowl of rice in a sealed container solution like you guys have suggested.


I will phone my nearest Sony centre to see how much it will be to fix if this solution doesn't work.


I find it amazing how my iPod Touch and Sansa Clip+ weren't affected by the rain considering they were in the same pocket as my Sony X1060 at the time and they felt wet too when I took them out my pocket.

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sorry for your loss :(


however for future reference, if an electronic device has gone off after getting wet. the first thing you should do is NOT TURN IT ON. or plug it in. You risk shorting it, if its not already shorted. 


Leave it in a sealed container of rice as suggested earlier, or Silica Gel (which you can get from camera/photo shops) for a day or two before trying to turn it on again. 


and invest in a bunch of these


i wish you the best of luck with the sony center :)





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I was in my local electrical store today and I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen in their mp3 player display cabinet a Sony X1060 ex-display model reduced to £100 considering that Sony have stopped making them and hardly any shops sell them now. After my upset this week with my X1060 DAP dieing in the rain I just bought it. Now my problem since its an ex-display is that it is in demo mode. I knew it was too good to be true. Anyway, how do I get out of demo mode?

Any suggestion?


UPDATE..It's okay,L3000.gif I found a fix which gets my new X1060 out of demo mode. :)

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It has been over two weeks since my old Sony X1060 got drenched in the rain and today I tried to switch it on. When I switch it on the progress bar freezes randomly at either 30% or 70%. Sometimes the progress bar fully loads up and I get into the main play screen but before I choose a mp3 to play it switches itself off. I then hit the reset button again and it loads up but the progress bar gets stuck at either 30% or 70% on the boot screen. Just a few hours ago I hit the reset button again and it fully loaded up but its stuck at the "checking library" screen but I see it is charging the battery. It has been about 3 hours it has been charging while stuck on"checking library". Hmm


Anyway, I'm not too fussed as I bought myself another Sony X1060 to replace it but I was kind of hoping to get my old Sony X1060 working again so I could sell it.



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