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Best Value for Money Headphones - Home Use only

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Well, I know there's the topic for advice, but as my doubts were very big, and it was getting quite hard to everyone to keep track of it, I decided to create this one. I'll PM a member of the staff to block/delete it, when it's not needed anymore.

I now have a Meelec M21 as on-the-run headphones (review to come soon!), and I'm thinking on buying a home-only headphones, so, they can be full-size.

So, the budget for this buy is: 30EUR/44$/27£


KOSS PortaPro: Legendary headphones, an amazing value for money, and probably the best pair of headphones on this price range, for portable use. But this is the question. Portable Use usually increases the price, because of the worries with size. And I don't need that, on this buy. So, my doubt is, is there anything better sounding than the KOSS, even if it's bigger?

Sennheiser HD201: Quite cheap. But the HD202 were eliminated from this list because they were worst than the KOSS. Are these better sounding than the KOSS and the HD202? I really don't know. I've heard that they don't have bass, and that doesn't please me.

Sennheiser HD408: Thet apparently have a poor definition, but a lot of bass, which makes them a bit of the opposite of the HD201. By looking at them, they look a bit fragile. Some say it's sound quality is a lot below the KOSS. Anyone tried them? What do you think?

Plantronics Gamecom 367: The only ones on this list that have a microphone. They're obviously built with different purposes than the other ones. They're closed, and don't have a lot of bass. Apparently, they break down a lot. Good soundstage, though. What are your thoughts?

How do you evaluate each of these? Anything better on that budget?

Thanks to Armaegis (Sennheiser HD408), linuxid10t (KOSS PortaPro) and Sennheiser HD (Sennheiser HD201) for your advices, already.
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Superlux HD-668B


One of the other Superlux?


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(Oops. Double post.)

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Originally Posted by azcactus View Post

Superlux HD-668B


One of the other Superlux?


from what i heard the superlux hd668b compares nicely to headphones in the $150 range.

i suggest giving them a try and doing a review on them. happy headphone hunting.

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Yes, another HUGE recommendation to the Superluxes. They're seriously underpriced and have the best value in terms of price-performance ratio.

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Thank you very much, I'll try to choose them!
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I've been researching the Superlux. They seem amazing, and the reviews are very positive. But the problem is, I live in Portugal, and shipping to here costs a lot. On Amazon, the Superlux would cost me 49£ (44EUR), and on the other store on that topic, 48EUR (20 Euros for shipping! redface.gif)

This is a lot.. On Amazon, the headphones are seriously overpriced, and on the other store, shipping is overpriced. So, what do you suggest? I'm really sad for this, but I can't spend more than 40 Euros on a headphone now, and 20 euros for shipping is riddiculous.
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bah, nevermind, just noticed Thomann.de has that 20€ shipping to Portugal :|

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Yes, exactly.. Thomann is the "other store" that I was mentioning on my post.. I was too lazy to go again searching for the name.. biggrin.gif
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Hi from Spain, i don't know how many cost the shpping form Spain to Portugal but maybe it's cheaper than from Germany :)

On this spanish Computers stores you can buy Superluxes too.


(shipping cost)



Samson SR850 maybe could interest you, same driver than Superlux but easier to see and get.


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I would recommend the Sennheiser PX100-ii over the Portapros imo

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I haven't tried the Superluxes but other peoples' opinions seem favourable. Still, there's always... The Grado! Not sure if that fits your price range, but they're nice value for the price. Though a bit polarising if you know what I mean.

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@ Remior

Thank you very much! They're indeed much cheaper from there.. And apparently, I can pay them when they arrive, rather than using paypal, or things like that.

@ KaliKot

Tried the PX100-II yesterday, and found them too small.. Really didn't like them, in terms of confort.
I also tried the KOSS, on MediaMarkt. Very nice, the only possible problem is the comfort.
Tried the HD-201, found them very vague, without much detail on the music.
I liked a lot the HD202!
It was a shame that I wasn't able to try the HD408 and the Gamecom, but if I manage to get the Superlux, it won't matter. People say they're a lot better than any other thing on this price.
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I think the AKG K512 has a quite nice sound for its price.

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