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Originally Posted by kevin gilmore View Post
One of the absolute worst things mikhail ever built.

And that's saying something right there...


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Originally Posted by monsieurguzel View Post

I highly dissagree with people trying to justify the price of this hardware due to the fact that it can drive speakers (btw I used to own a tricked out WA5).  You can find a killer...and I mean...killer, speaker amp on audiogon for a lot less than that, and I can almost guarantee you that it will sound better than something designed to be a headphone amp and speaker amp in one.  You can almost guarantee that it won't be a push pull amp since it isn't powerful enough (maybe push pull 2A3 tubes?)...meaning it will most likely be a regular SET amp of sorts in my opinion.  Also, that much money for a 8 watt speaker tube amp is a little crazy in my opinion.


Buy a BHSE for half the price and be done with it ;)  They have terrific resale value which I can guarantee you a tricked out Woo amp won't.

... Audigon is a used classifieds site isn't it?


Ignoring that point, this is a statement product surely? The same rules don't apply and it doesn't really need justifying.


Manufacturers make statement products to innovate and show the world what they can do. If someone buys one - great - but that's not really the point.


And I'm sure someone out there will. To someone like Roman Abramovitch it's pocket money.


And re. what you can  spend - if you want to put together a top of the line NAIM speaker amplifier (pre and power amps each with their own psu) you can spend £30k if you take the first price offered that's £, not $.


Boggles the mind to mere mortals like me but some rich people do spend serious money on hifi, and everything else!


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It's not really overpriced in terms of other high-end monoblock amps is it? Are there any with comparable features?

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Since I've have seen neither hide nor hair of this WooBeast I will hold my opinion in reserve.

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