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New Woo Audio Flagship amp !

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Hi everyone,


I'm officially new here, but have been reading you all for a while. Since apparently no one here has reported on this, I'll share the info I've gathered as a token of my gratitude for the information you've all given me through your posts...


I was in the market for a new headphone amp and was about to order a WA5 from Jack, when I stumbled upon this (http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue55/wooaudio.htm) interview where he announces a mysterious new amp.

 I was intrigued to say the least, so I emailed Jack about it. Here is what he told me :


(nb : I present this to you with Jack's authorization )


-  "The new amp is our new flagship amp that surpass any current models. In fact, it is unprecedented in the industrial. We don’t have a released date and the pricing yet. I hope it will be done in 2 months and the price expected to be $8000 - $10,000. If this is the price you can work with, it is worthwhile to wait."

- "It drives both speakers (8 watts) and any headphones. It is the world first mono block headphone and speaker amp with many innovations. We will make announcement when the prototype complete in a month."


- "The best secrets are yet to announce. We plan to showcase it in Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Oct or  somewhere earlier."


Needless to say, I haven't ordered the WA5 and my name is on the waiting list for this new model.

Now we can relish in anticipation ! ;)...


PS. According to the interview, other interesting things are on the way : a Woo Audio Headphone and a DAC/CD transport

but I haven't enquired about them.

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You peaked my interest. I better start saving.

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The new amp isn't the only interesting thing in that article:


"Finally, but not least, we plan on introducing a high-end headphone to the market. This has always been my dream and we are elated that this will soon be a reality!"

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woo audio is only getting bigger and bigger these days..

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I'm assuming it'll be using some big, expensive, shiny tubes?

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I'd be thrilled to see a real tube-regulated power supply - easily realizable at this price point

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Can't wait to see this, I am wondering about the tube complement as well; With eight watts a channel (non 300B?) maybe Jack will use a push-pull arrangement with two smaller powered tubes, and yes a tube regulated power supply would be very nice. 


What I am wondering about is the interface for the headphones, that is if the amps are separated as one tends to use monoblocks, there has to be some common connection for the phones?


I hope we get some more info soon! 


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Originally Posted by El_Doug View Post

I'd be thrilled to see a real tube-regulated power supply - easily realizable at this price point

Tubed regulation isn't that expensive if you DIY. Eric Barbour's Brute Force (plans at HeadWize) is tube-regulated, but the parts (sans casing) are about $300. You could balance one for under $1,000, though that'd be a significant amount of casework.

Still, I'm excited about Woo's new offering and possible introduction of headphones. smily_headphones1.gif
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Holy ****!

I cant wait to see what it will be for that price.

Woo audio amps are always superb, and this one with price set so high must be ...epic.

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'Mono block' sounds interesting...
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Hooray! The new "mono block" cost $8,000-10,000. beerchug.gif


That's mean I will not tough or even think about it, what a good news is I'll have a loooooooooooooooooooong relation with my WA5LE. biggrin.gif

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Will be great to see it of course as Woo's amps are always beautifully well designed objects and a treat for the eyes, but I can't go as far as to say I'm excited about something I can't afford anyway, wouldn't pay that much for if I could!


I am excited about the hint that Woo Headphones could be on the way, especially as the company seems to have a great appreciation of electrostatic headphones. Could it be Stax will finally be getting some contemporary high-end competition?

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Yeah, while intriguing, there is no headphone amp I will pay $8-10K for.


I'm VERY intrigued to learn what they are doing for a headphone, though!

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How much will their dac be sold for? Wouldn't be too cheap:rolleyes:
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I queried Jack about the DAC a few weeks ago, he told me the DAC would be priced less than $1,000.00.

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