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The tale of Sennheiser MX880 (with no happy ending)

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I'm going to tell you a tale full of twists and turns. It's going to be a long story, so be patient and read it to the end. If you can' t read, go somewhere else. You have been warned...

Once upon a time, where the e-shops were affordable, and good headphones hard to get, lived a kid. He loved listening to music. From early morning, to the day's end, he had headphones stucked in his ears. But the one thing he didn't knew was that there is more than listening to music. There are other headphones than his cheap headset from SonyEricsson. And one day, he bought a shiny new MP3 player Sandisk Sansa Clip+ (black one, with 8 gigs of internal memory) and a new, portable buds named Sennheiser MX880. Immediately he reinstalled the firmware, and packed his little brick with the newest version of Rockbox and also with loads of his fauvorite songs. The only thing that bothered him were those headphones. Crap, so much money for a buds that sound...different?  They surely sounded different. The sound was "wide" and "open", the trebles clear, mids strong and bass...well...the bass was so weak that he sometimes even switched back to his old crackers to get that "punch" in his ears. But he didn't gave up. He heard that once the headphones got "burned in", they start to sound better. So he tried. He listened to the music all day (and night) long. Slowly, he realized that the bass still didn't "came in", but he started to like the "freshness" and "wideness" of the sound. The songs were "different" from what he was used to. Like those Sennheisers picked every instrument from the track and putted it somewhere "on the stage". The guitars played from left, drums from right, singer in front of him, etc. He was surrounded with music. Experience like never before. But those bass were still weak. One long evening, when he was listening to some drum and bass music, he found out that his mp3 player have the function to increase bass. So he tried it, and pumped the bass all the way up. The feeling that got through his body was unforgetable. Those little buds actualy HAD the punch he was looking for. Little tweaking here and there, and he finally found his peace and pleasure.
One night, one drunken night with friends, he forgot that he has his beloved player and headphones with him. He lost them. Or somebody stole them. The next morning was horrible. Hangover like hell. And the fact that he doesnt have his belongings with him. The Clip+ and Sennheisers were GONE. FOREVER. He searched for them everywhere he could, but with no luck.
So he is now without music, without spark in his life, and buds in his ears.
This is how our story ends. There is no happy-ending, only a warning. NEVER take your beloved belongings when you are going out with friends. Love your MX880s as much as you can, because there are not so many buds that can keep up with them (for that price).

I have no clue when I will have enough money (and courage) to buy new ones, so until then... Peace for your ears.


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Dude.. how much money do you need?


You can get the mx-880s for £28 on amazon.co.uk, so I imagine you should be able to get them for $50 somewhere.


As for the Clip+... $35 for the 2GB version on amazon.com, then less than $6 for an 8GB micro-SD card gives you a 10GB player for about $40...



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You make me want to donate you a nice pair of IEMs.

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What a great story! I will read it to my kids in a few years.. :D mx880 can now be sold for 23gbp at amazon uk! ksc75smile.gif

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