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ATH-M50 headband hurts my head

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to remedy this comfort issue with my new pair of M50. At first they really hurt the top of my head after 5 minutes, just the weight of it pressing down on the very top (of my soft and probably misshapen noggin). Truth be told, there's not much padding between the metal bar and your head, and the weight of the headphones push down a good amount.


I bent the headband slightly to a more acute angled curve so that the pressure falls on two points on the top of my head instead, but it still weighs on my soft baby head after about 15 minutes now. The headphones clamp fine but they're not enough to keep the band from pressing to the point of pain.


So I saw this thread http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/257522/dt770-headband-cushion-on-denon-d5000 and was wondering if there's a mod I can add to cushion the pad more. I actually added a thin foam pad used to fit bike helmets onto the inner face of the band using rubberbands so I know this would work, but it's not aesthetically pleasing. If I could get some assurance that the linked pad would fit, or something like it, I would buy it.



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I had the same trouble.  I tried three headphones:  AKG702, Senn650 and the M50's.  Three fairly different headphones.  I came to the conclusion that it was the weight of the headphone rather than the headband itself.  For the AKG 702 I tried everything, including sheepskin, bicycle helmet pads and scraping off the pads on the headphone band, all to no avail.  With all of them, I would get a headache shortly after wearing them.  I tried to leave them on for a period of time to see if I would just get used to them, didn't happen.


I finally went with a lighter headphone, the Beyerdynamic DT50, and haven't had a problem.  Also, I've had Grados (225 and 60) for years and they haven't caused any problems either.


Maybe it is just having a large (many hats don't fit me) and sensitive head.  And yes, I do have hair.


BTW I loved the sound of all these headphone and thought the M50's were a great value.



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the worst thing about the ath m50 is the headband issue. when i first got mine, like you i started experiencing the pain after a few minutes. what i did was follow the instructions on this thread: 


although its aimed at reducing the clamp, i only started to feel discomfort at the top of my head after an hour plus of listening. 

this thread:


shows a crude pad mod where an extra earpad is bought and attached to the headband with an elastic band. the extra earpads are unnecessary for your problem. 

i dont know whether your method will work though, you'll have to try it out yourself.

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how long have you had your m50's? mine were pretty tight and heavy the first week, but i used the box to stretch them out. 

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For my m50's I was thinking of buying the replacement headband foam for the sennheiser hd600 and finding a good way to attach them that actually looks good.  Any one hear of something like this being done?

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