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AKG K121

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Didn't see much on these when I searched but L&M has them on for half price right now and I was wondering if it's worth it, anyone heard these cans?  Any impressions would be good as I don't have a great set of full-sized cans.  Don't have an amp as of right now so would I also need to purchase some sort of desktop amp to drive them?  Sorry, most of my experience is in IEMs so excuse my lack of knowledge.  Thanks all!


Here is the link,

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Bump... No one?

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They look just like k141s,  which used the same drivers as the k240.  I'd guess the same drivers were also in the 121.  You shouldn't need an amp to drive them,  and if my assumption is right they should sound pretty good.  The real question is if you can stand the supra-aural design.

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My brother has a pair of supra-aural's and they don't seem too bad, any other suggestions in the sub 60$ range?

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jvc rx700* : warm, detailed (shockingly so for the price), sometimes chesty

mdr-v6 :  monitors/accurate, durable, not-so-comfortable, simply respectable cans

akg k81DJ : semi-portable,  small soundstage / recessed sounding, surprisingly non-bassy/natural


I'd recommend any of those in that price range, but for different reasons (included a quick-and-dirty breakdown)

*the rx900 fit in your range as well,  but I've never personally tried them-- I am positive there's an old thread about them vs the 700s if you look.

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Well I don't need anything portable because I'm pretty satisfied with my IEM's for portable use, these would be meant for desktop use with my home computer.  I think comfort would be something that I would take into account too, for longer listening periods.  I think if I buy the K121s the big benefit to me is that I can get them locally and return them if they aren't to my liking.  Thanks for your help!

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They are on sale now for 59 bucks at l&m, i'd go for it!

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