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I didn't want to say anything, but since someone brought it up..... No you can't change the pads or the cables. The pads are glued on with double sided adhesive, so once you take them off the only way to put them back on is to glue them. But the adhesive would also have to be removed from both the pads and headphones themselves, and it could be quiet messy. The cables are not swapable. The only way to remove it is to take the headphones apart and desolder the cables from the drivers.

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A dealer allowed you to change the pads and cables between the 307, 407 and 507? The pads aren't interchangeable and the cables are soldered on, so multiple changes are highly likely to cause, at the least, cosmetic damage. Silly dealer, I'd say. What was the dealer's name so we can avoid buying from them.

Originally Posted by MayaTlab View PostWhen I asked to change pads and cables the retailer probably thought I was crazy but still allowed me to do so. And my impressions seems to mirror the fact that there isn't just a cable change between the 307 and 407. It was much less evident between the 407 and 507. One of the things I wondered is if only the new 507 cable gave it its improved sensibility over the 407 (the stock 507 plays louder than the stock 407). And I won't comment on that, even after changing cables, as level matching is rather difficult to do. However, bass performance was different, even with the leather pads on the 407. I mostly used Massive Attack's Angel to test that and the Firebird intro.



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Originally Posted by EddieE View Post

Give the leather pads a go on your 404 - you'll basically have 404LEs then.


While it's very much a personal taste thing, I find the leather pads create a much more vibrant, tighter and faster sound with greater clarity too. Obviously they are less sweaty as well!


They aren't really cheap (you can get them on bluetin btw) but I think they are absolutely worth the money for the improvement they can make.


It's funny there's this line on the Stax website about the 507 leather pads that says "improves freshness and grace of sound" and it made me laugh as "google translate" style English often does. Then when I tried them I thought "oh yeah... freshness and grace!"

As the pads of my Lambda Nova Sigs are totally worn out by now I am looking at new ones and possibly improve them by buying the new leather ones. I've read a bit about this but the opinions vary so are there any conclusions yet? Anybody out there that actually tried the leather pads on a pair of Nova Sigs?


Sound difference because of the foam vs. cloth or pleather vs. real leather? My old pads have shed their foam ages ago - maybe to have nothing between your ears and the drivers would be the best? But then there would be the dust problem although I never encountered that ...


TIA for your comments, highly appreciated. I want to be quite sure before I shell out for the leather pads with an eventual negative result in sound quality.


Best regards, Jörg.

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I'm seeking the best amplifer form my SR 404,

any suggestion?

SRM-717/SRM-007t/SRM-007t II/? 


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