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Originally Posted by Lenni View Post

b) The person should be very familiar with the system is doing the test on. Only the person familiar with the system should do the test. You can’t ask some random people to take such a test – waste of time.

That sort of takes away from the whole, quantifiable, verifiable, objective results aspect of any real test... neh? 


But since listening is a mostly subjective experience, maybe that's a non-issue. If it sounds better to you... who am I to say it's BS.


But short answer seems to be, No. Cables do not "burn in" or change the sound signature over time (barring damage or excessive oxidation).

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OP, ignore those people with their useless actual-scientific-facts. Cables burn in, I can hear it happen wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Parall3l View Post

OP, ignore those people with their useless actual-scientific-facts. Cables burn in, I can hear it happen wink.gif

You are being sarcastic, right?

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Originally Posted by Willakan View Post
You are being sarcastic, right? 

Rhetorical question, right? biggrin.gif



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Those who say 'yes' cannot provide any real proof that the cable itself is having an audible affect on sound quality.

Those who say 'no' cannot convincingly explain why there are credible reports by credible people who say 'yes'.
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Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man View Post

Those who say 'no' cannot convincingly explain why there are credible reports by credible people who say 'yes'.

A "credible report" sans supporting evidence, is not credible, imo. Just because someone normally gives great advice about things, if they suddenly state that they can fly, we don't take them at their word... we ask for evidence. 


Seriously. I'll spin on a dime here the moment any verifiable, objective evidence is shown.


Until that time, there is some anecdotal reporting that for some people, maybe there is some burn in that they think they experienced/heard. But nothing I would call actual evidence. It's not that I don't think they hear it - I believe they do... do *think* they hear it. The brain is an amazing thing, and it can let us do, hear and see lots of things that are not necessarily real (placebo effect, for instance - you believe you will get better, and sometimes actually do... likewise, if you believe you will hear a difference, your brain might let you go ahead and keep on believing).  


Caveat emptor, YMMV, and it's your dime to do with as you will. 

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Originally Posted by I3eyond View Post

Just upgraded the interconnect between my computer and Musical Fidelity V-DAC to an Audioquest Cinnamon USB A/B cable, and was wondering if cables "burn" in like other equipment...?

If you mean; "is there some physical change which occurs within the cable due to burn in?" The answer is no. Then the question becomes "do people hear a difference even though nothing has changed?" The answer is that some people believe they do but most do not. So then the question becomes "if nothing has changed how can some people be hearing a difference?" The answer is that they only seem able to hear a difference provided they are not under any kind of acceptable test conditions. Most anyone with any appreciation of science would suggest that those who hear a difference from cable burn-in are suffering from some form of bias or delusion. Those who do hear a difference seem unshakably convinced but cannot provide any evidence or rationale as to why they hear a difference.

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The way I see it, if a cable does burn it, it is so subtle that thinking about it is goofy, unless you spent alot of money on it. Go ahead and burn in your cables because it is part of the audiophile fun. If it makes you feel good, then go for it brotha. I have not noticed cables burning in in my experience but then again, I do not try to listen to cables. I just plug in and enjoy. Get a good set of cables and don't worry too much about it. 

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Burn them in if you like, personally I dont care about doing such things.

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I'm burning in one actually (have never done it before), will let you know if it really changes as I have another one (similar) to compare. And I don't need blind tests, when the difference is pretty obvious as noticed already with different cables/brands.


Interesting reading:

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Originally Posted by n3rdling View Post

No, don't let the lunatics convince you otherwise.


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Cables do burn in. It is the dielectric that burns in more so than the cable. The metal strands, a little burn in to the cable. The more shielding ,tech flex, tubing, will add time to the burn in. Let your cables lay on your carpet.........Suck the life out of them. More dielectric.  All my cables are suspended off the floor. And anyone that knows me well, knows at meets I let my cables lay on a chair and not on the carpet.

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all my setup/gears/cables have to go thru this laundrywash....before i think they are ready... that makes me happy inside...does it work, i better believe it works...since i already paid for it...:P


ok ..i do believe cables burn in...?  its a mystery....since we hear music as a SETUP...amps dacs cans cables..

""the setup seems to sound sweeter smoother as time goes by"". its hard to localise iti to the cable..or the usb..or the powercord. 


i think u should sent back the cables...and get some wireworld 

just teasing the gang here.


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Here we go again...... Seriously, I have a least 1000 hours to be conservative on the power cables and RCA cables that I use. Made them myself. Can make the same cable and hear the difference from the cables in my system from ones just assembled. I listen to my gear a lot, give lots of time in the evening. Do not change my rig too much. Go to a lot of audio meetings and functions at audio retailers. Refine my opinions regularly.

Originally Posted by Active Man View Post

Whether I make them or purchase them the physical and chemical properties of the constituent molecules and elements remain unaffected.  Alchemy was debunked centuries ago, you know...

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i am siding with bigpoppa.... tweaking the sound with cables has been the FUN in this hobby after i have bought the main hardwares like cans/dacs/amps. i will be adding a pair of DIY silver rca in a few hours to my arsenal :P


guess i will be wondering if i need to "burn in " the silvers pretty soon... will report back after 1000hours.

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