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I'd be happy with a 3G if I could find one anywhere.  frown.gif

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Originally Posted by brumma View Post

I'd be happy with a 3G if I could find one anywhere.  frown.gif

Wanna buy mine?  I'll let it go for only $400. wink.gif

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Hmmm...  Now you're just messin' with me!  rolleyes.gif

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Are people still waiting? if I ordered now, I would have to wait in line as well right (so around 3 months) ? unless he has stock and can ship right away.

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I don't think you can order the 4G right now.

I dropped by the site and apparently you can't order them.


Maybe too many people ordered it, so he stopped accepting orders for a while?

I know how bad Robert can be with replies and dates because 

I already had that experience with him when I got my Penguin amp (which took like 4~5 months),

but I would like to get my hands on a 4G too, so I hope he starts accepting orders again soon...

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Originally Posted by SoulSyde View Post

Wanna buy mine?  I'll let it go for only $400. wink.gif

LOL. Yeah ... I've got a special running on my own (recently received, mind you) .. 3G Arrow ... I'm only asking $600.00 US! Come and get it!!




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i'm very interested in this amp, but can't get a reply for information from Robert. Wondering if someone could answer my question: with the two inputs (front and back) is it possible to connect two seperate sources simultaneously, or does one input jack auto-cutoff the other? THANKS for any more detailed info you can provide on this amp (or previous version).

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At first I thought... why would you want to input simultaneously?   Then I thought it might be cool to plug in my bass (active pick-ups) and play along with a song using my player in one side and bass in other.


If you do not mind.. What was your reason for asking?



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Just got an e-mail from Robert (unsolicited).



you ordered the Arrow headphone amplifier...I'm sorry for all the delay and bad communication. We are now assembling the amps and we will ship the first batch in 2 weeks from California.

The whole production stuck because of the aluminium enclosures. They are difficult to produce due to the small thickness and my request for high quality. After several suppliers failed to make them correctly I went to China to attend the production by my self and to found out the problems. I wanted to stay max. 2 month but now I am here for 7 month (getting a new visa every month in Hong Kong!) I had to set up the production by my own as no supplier was able to make it according to my requests. Unfortunately this was the most time-consuming way as getting around in China is "challenging" and the business rules are different. I wasn't able to tell shipping dates as many of you asked. Even the simple things got very complicated.

There was more in the e-mail, but this was the part about why delay and the projected shipping.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the plans of mice and Robert got waylaid in Hong Kong, R&D no matter how well we plan, there are always monkey wrenches thrown into the mix, YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! won't be long now boys and girls, THE WAIT IS OVER!! the rain is coming! boy oh boy and what a dry spell it was, woosh! we were never worried hey, not for a minute, I bet its gonna be a sweet one too!!!


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Got mine!!!  Silicon taped to my j3





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Okay, some people got their amp and went silent. Is the 4G so good everyone is too busy listening to music?  I mostly lurk, but if no one is going to talk....


For what ever this out of weight-class comparison is worth, it is louder/clearer/cleaner than my FiiO E11. I went back and forth with a RockBox'd Clip+ and Sennheiser HD595 headphones.

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Yea I have been checking it out. I plug it into my J3.  Some say without a LO it makes no sense to amp a J3, but I really like it.  The sound and size work perfectly  for me  (it replaced the ibasso D4).  


 I have some hearing issues (eardrums lack flexibility) so being able get detail at lower volumes is important.  These paired with the RE 262 sound great and the details are present for me.    I find all the settings are subtle but noticeable.  Being that I am using the headphone out of a J3 that has a good equalizer, I tend to leave the amp neutral where the Arrow is very transparent and clean as can be yet it adds power to drive the RE 262's properly.


I have not yet tried them with the TripleFi 10 yet as I mostly use those for situations where I do not have my preferred source.


I am not real proficient at detail analysis as you see :o)

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The Cowon has a great Headphone out! It is often underestimated. How have you been setting the volume out on the J3?


I am using a X7


sorry I should have PM you Rat Salad, a bit off topic. Apologies again!

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Meh.. no action on this thread anyway... I go full on cowon and let the amp control volume

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