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replacement for klipsch s4

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i had to return my girlfriends klipsch s4 to amazon because they started delivering static shocks into the ear. not ideal, i'm sure you'll agree.


whilst they sounded very good, the cable was lousy (rigid, shiny, prone to transmitting vibrations when walking and very easy to tangle) and the finish wasn't great either (the klipsch branding rubbed off within about a week of use).


can anyone recommend a worthy alternative in this price range (£60 / $90)?



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I just picked up a set of RE0's and am enjoying them very much.  Coming from my CK10 they're very very good.  I'm pleasantly surprised by them so far.

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Brainwavz M3.

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I've never listened to either the M3 or the RE0s, but I'd probably recommend the Brainwavz of the two. I'm not a fan of bass-lacking IEMs.

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Woops, double-post.

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The RE0's are pretty good on bass when amped.  Straight out of my iPhone it's true, they lack bass.  But with my FiiO E5 and the bass boost switch on they're very good.  


I think that's the problem with them, people use them un-amped and say they have no bass, so that's their reputation.  But by spec they're high impedance so need a little extra power.

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I have the B&W's but honestly I would get the Sony's in that price range if I had to do it over again. For some reason after trying all the high end brands I think Sony's are awesome if you compare what you get for what you pay for.

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