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For Sale: SOLD: Woo Audio WA2

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For Sale:
SOLD: Woo Audio WA2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling a just about brand new WA2 silver--I missed the return period by 3 days. It comes with pairs of Sylvania 6080WC, 6DJ8, and Ei EZ80. I'm asking $950 for amp and stock tubes. It's absolutely perfect. Still has that new smell :')


I also have three pairs of Tung-Sol 5998, one pair of Tung-Sol 7236, four pairs of RCA 6AS7G, one pair of RCA 6080WA, pair of Telefunken EZ80, pair of Mullard EZ80 (from Woo), pair of La Radiotechnique EZ80, and a platinum pair of Amperex 7308.


Asking $OLD for the amp and stock tubes, and/or make me an offer on the rest of the tubes.

PayPal or cash if pick-up (Boston area).


Photos of the actual amp and tubes here.

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All tubes test new and are perfectly matched pairs. The amp has around 100-120 hours on it.

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I just checked with Jack and the warranty is transferable, so you get 11+ months parts and labor. 

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PM's answered.

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I also sold a pair of T-S 5998, so two pairs left.

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Amperex 7308's are sold. So tubes left:


T-S 5998 1955/6 (Tung-Sol JAN 5998)

T-S 5998 1955's (Tung-Sol JAN 5998)

T-S 7236

Telefunken EZ80 1965's (diamond mark, 45° getter, white falcon, beautiful printing, Ulm, West Germany, original boxes)

Mullard EZ80 1963's (rubbed off printing, Woo Audio, Blackburn, UK, white boxes)

La Radiotechnique EZ80 1967's (white Valvo label, made in Chartres, France, Valvo boxes)

And the RCA's.

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The 7236's are spoken for.

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Hello, I am always ready to conclude the deal. Let me know. Giuliano

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The WA2 has found a new home, thanks Richard!


I have to let the dust settle for tubes, it's been fast and furious these last 24 hours. I believe all my extra tubes are sold save for two pairs of RCA's and the Mullard EZ80. In any event, I'll post what I have left on the appropriate forum.

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