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First of all


Hello Head-Fi!! Long time lurker first time poster i've gotten into portable audio from head-fi and started of with a generic 2gb mp3 with stock headphones


Heres the stuff i use its nothing special but its a start


Sources: Zen X-fi 10gb (8+2) , Htc Wildfire (spotify premium)

Amps: HippoBox+, Fiio E5, Fiio E3

Headphones: Sennheiser CX300 II, Frends True Black Classics (ughh i know), Brainwavz M2 (on there way)



I've recently got the Hippobox+ and i find it slightly better than my old Fiio E5 however the biggest problems i find with it is


1) No power switch (not a big deal)

2) No volume control


Im wondering what is the potential i could cause damage to my headphones by using the fiio e5 with it? i don't want to use it to amplify the sound and the bass boost would be switched of it would just be there as an inline volume control for my portable rig


Something like this Zen -> Hippobox+ ----------------> Fiio E5 as volume control -> Brainwavz M2