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Es5 help

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K So i've owned them for about 2 weeks after a long drawn out process

in short. I bought them recieved them. Noticed a buzz in the left ear piece when the dynamic range hit the highest peak.

Sent the back for fixin...

Got them back

Noticed that they were es2's the whole time.

sent those back and FINALLY got the es5's i paid for

Im noticing this buzz when theres dynamic peaks in both ears...

Now my question is. Am i running them to hot? Are mine not up to par?

Ive used them in lots of situations.

Ipods (with EqU) My Macbook. Audio interfaces. In-ear Monitor Systems. And ive noticed this buzz.

Anybody else had this buzz problem. Its almost a clipping sound.
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Since you hear this on both sets it seems you have something wrong w/ your chain, EQ or files.  I'm guess your files have an issue.  Try playing a CD, if you still have issues then check your EQ settings.  I don't think there's anything wrong w/ your phones and I have never heard this or anyone else having this issue.  I hope you aren't continually damaging your drivers which can happen listening really loud to poorly mastered music or using noise for burn-in.  

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is there anything physically loose ? try shaking the iem gently and see if you can hear any thing ,other than that it may be something wrong with your drivers or source.

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Oh...and see if the problem goes away when you lower the volume.

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