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Comfortable headphones?

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The title of the thread is maybe not the right one,but that the thing i am looking for most.I bought a pair of Sony MDR-V6 and i really love the sound,but i feel them a little bit uncomfortable after hour listening.They "give" me the sound i want and the way i want to hear it,but dont feel good them on my ears.I tried a Beats by Dre at Apple store and i really like how it feels on my head.Really comfortable and like nothing on my ears.I am away from that to buy a headphones for 300$,cuz im sure that there is far away more better and not so expensive choice for a lot better price.If you have sugestions about what im looking for please help me with the choice.

For now i have in my mind Shure SRH550DJ  and Allen & Heath XONE:XD-53,but they are a little bit more expensive.Im looking for something about 100$.Thank you

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I find the Sony MDR-V6s to be comfy for about three hours. I write, so I listen to music for a long time and they never really get uncomfy unless my ear is over the cups. $60


Grados are not very comfy but with some mods and different earcups they can be made comfy


Beyerdynamics have a lot of comfy headphones, but their cups are round so they might not fit a lot of people well.


I find Sennheiser to be the worst IMO.


Sony's XB series look comfy but get sweaty


I would go for Sony MDR-V6's, comfy, great sound and $60

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Headphones I've tried from most comfy to least:


AD700 (Feels like it's barely on your head, some may not like that, but it's comfy)

AD900 (added some foam, but not full phatmod)



AD2000 (Improved by reducing clamping force by bending near the earcups, added some foam as well)

Beyer 880 Pro

MS Pro (don't find them that uncomfy, just not for long sessions, bend the headband and it's all good)

SR225i (same as Pro's)

Shure 440 (with stock pads, not very comfy, headband hurt my head, improved with 840 pads)

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