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In case anyone was wondering, I just did a side-by-side comparison of the Tours (fully burned in, owned by a fellow employee for months) ($149.99 at radioshack) with the RadioShack-owned brand Auvio's Element buds (straight out of the box, delivered yesterday from the manufacturing plant) ($24.99 retail at radioshack) and, listening to Dr. Dre's new track "Kush" on my HTC Inspire with SRS WOW sound enhancement, using the medium sized 2-layer Sennheiser flanges, the sound signatures are practically identical, INCLUDING the bass, sans a barely noticeable bit of fake earbud "soundstage" and extra bass volume (read: voume, not quality or detail) present in the beats, which, IMO, were both downsides XD


And the Elements even come in a really cool pearl-white/matte black contrast style which I find to be one of the more attractive IEM designs I have seen.


Save $125, don't sell out, and still look sexy. You are welcome.

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