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I just hope it does nothing to the sound...


So, today I had the revelation that I still owned the HE-4. I thought to myself, "Well, I tried swapping cables, but what about other parts?" Well turns out, I admired the grills on the HE-4 greatly. Instantly, I had a fabulous idea! Turns out, I actually swapped the black grills on the HE-4 with the grey grills on the HE-500. Now I must say, the HE-500's look flat out stunning.


But there is a slight problem. With the HE-500 grills, they are part see through due to the extremely thin sheet of foam that is glued right on to the backside of the grill. With the HE-4, there is actually a much thicker (although still thin) piece of foam that just sits between the driver and the grill that can be removed. It's thick enough that you cannot see through it, unlike the HE-500. So my big question is, would that extra piece of foam I added behind the driver change the sound quality? If so, I may just change back, but black grills on the HE-500 just look sooo good.


Any thoughts?


EDIT: Never mind, I switched them back.

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