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I had originally posted some questions on a similar forum here


Unfortunately I didn't receive as many answers as I would've liked (hence joining and trying here) so I had to take a plunge (which may or may not be wrong) and purchased a Sennheiser RS 170 with a second 180 headphone.


The short story is that my headphone socket is damaged on my Denon AVR-3806 and was hoping I could just try and use the RCA's somehow. After it didn't seem to work I'm wondering if I am running into the it won't work territory.


All I want to achieve is :-


  • Connect the wireless receiver of the Sennheiser up to the Denon
  • Switch between any source (which for the most part means the HDMI ones)
  • Mute the main speakers
  • Have the audio come through the headphones (in surround sound).


Appreciate any advice and help.