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Already finding some neat stuff!

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I'm surprised nobody, at least recently, mentioned Noisia. Probably some of the best produced and mixed electronic music. Particularly, their album.



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Good call on the Noisia! I didn't know who they were, but realized their song 'Could This Be' was on one of my favorite games. Awesome stuff on the LCDs

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Originally Posted by WNBC View Post

Very Cool WarriorAnt, will definitely stay tuned and now I have something to buy other than tubes for my Lyr biggrin.gif


Avishai Cohen "Seven Seas" and "Aurora" are amazing albums.  


Here's who is on Aurora:

Avishai Cohen: vocals, acoustic bass, piano on "Dreaming" and "Tres hermanicas eran "
Karen Malka: vocals
Shai Maestro: piano 
Amos Hoffman: electric guitar & Oud
Itamar Doari: percussion & vocals on "Two roses"
Jenny Nilsson: vocals on "About a tree"
Jimmy Greene: soprano & tenor saxophone
Lars Nilsson: flugelhorn
Bjorn Samuelsson: trombone
Bjorn Bholin: English horn



Avishai Cohen Trio is my favorite band of all time so I'm a bit biased.  There are 2 Avishai Cohens, one is definitely more popular than the other but I think both are based in Israel.


Avishai Cohen on the double bass and Maestro on piano.  Amazing stuff from the Chick Corea protege.  Saw the trio twice in concert in Seattle and Portland.  Great live or LCD-2.  Double bass plucking can really be heard prominently on the LCD-2.


Avishai Cohen - Seven Seas.jpg


cohen cd.jpg

Great reccomendation i bought the whole album. Continuo

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Really appreciate this thread! It's great to get some new recommendations.


I listen to mostly classical, especially choral music, like Talis Scholars, Anonymous 4, Chanticleer... Also lots of chamber music. I like Arvo Part, Tavener, and some other minimalists.


For Pop, I'm a big fan of recent Leonard Cohen, from 10 New Songs through Old Ideas, and the current singers like Norah Jones, Patricia Barber, Diana Krall.


Still enjoy an occasional Beatles tune.


I also listen to lots of '40's music, although obviously not as audiophile fare.


Some jazz, like Charles Lloyd, Wynton Marsalis, Christian McBride, plus classics like big band music, boogie-woogie, Getz-Giberto, Satchmo, etc.


Random eclectic albums, like S.A.V.A.E., novelty songs, etc.

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Why yes I now have the stack and the LCD3s. Just incredible. Highly recommended! LCD3s are better than I dreamed they would be.

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Just incredible. On my Maggies or my LCD3s. Best soundstage of any classical music I own:



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Al Marconi on LCD3 via Mjolnir/Gungnir. Whatever anyone says about the "X" phones for me it just does not matter. This setup is so exquisite [for me] I just listen in amazement and in pure bliss... That is all that matters...

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If you like Avishai's vocals then check out his "Sensitive Hours" album.  Released only in Israel but you can get it fairly easy in the States.





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Great reccomendation i bought the whole album. Continuo

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Whatever happened to this thread? I no longer own my Audezes but I own a lot of the music that was recommended on here. Great stuff! Come on fellas, it's been almost a year since y'all deserted, lol.

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Hoping to revive this thread.


Favorite albums


Holly Cole Trio - Don't Some In Bed Album


Radka Tonef - Fairytales


Norah Jones - Come Away With Me


Clair Marlo - Let It Go


Pat Coil - Schemes and Dreams


Sheffield Drive


Sheffield Pop Experience


Sheffield Jazz Experience


Chesky Acoustic Jazz


.....listening with LCD2 Bamboo - ALO Audio Pan Am + Passport - Stock tubes

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Hard to think of my favorites out of all the music I have, plus the LCD3's tend to make everything sound pretty phenomenal.  If I had to pick a top 5 go to songs, I would say they would be the following:


1)  Deep Purple - Highway Star (Live Japan)

2)  Tool - Lateralus or Ticks & Leaches (tie for #2)

3)  Chris Cornell - Call Me a Dog (Songbook Album)

4)  CCR - I Put a Spell on You

5)  Otis Redding - Anything from the Recorded Live album or his other live performances.

5)  Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola - Friday Night in San Francisco (their guitar battles as they go back and forth are phenomenal!)

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