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LCD-2, LCD-3, Owners and the Music They Love...

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In the other LCD threads owners are very enthusiastic to recommend  music for the LCD. Not wanting to clog those threads I'm creating this one.  One way for myself and others to find new music is from recommendations from others, so LCD brethren give up those favorites. Don't worry so much as the whether or not the music is actually best on the LCD, the thread is more for folks to post what they have been listening to and to share it rather than to post what really is the best.  Don't worry about multiple posts and don't worry that your posts have to be some ultimate definitive collection.  Just post.

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Awesome thread warrior. I always wanted to know what music other people listen through their LCDs.

My music primarily consists of classical, vocals, instrumental, jazz, classical rock, Indian fusion/classical and a smattering of country.


Vocals/Jazz - Adele, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morisette, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Dave Matthews, Elton John, Bad Plus

Classical Rock - Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Foo Fighters, The Eagles, Van Halen, Allman Brothers, Scorpions

Indian fusion/classical - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, AR Rahman, Ghulam Ali

Country - Don Williams, Elvis, Ricky Nelson

Classical - Yann Tierson, Yanni, Inception, Dark Knight OST, David Lanz, Gregorian Chant


I could go on and on but that's the jist of what I mostly listen to



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I'll cross-post this as it is relevant to both threads. Honestly, I'm at a loss as one of the things I like best about LCD-2's is that the are remarkably versatile. They really serve most of the music I listen to quite well. Though there are cans that may do one or two genre's even better, none seem to do so many so well. It's like the Swiss Army Knife of headphones. So my list of music that I'd recommend would be simply a list of my favorite music, which I posted recently here on this thread. I could certainly elaborate and go a whole lot further. My current library is over 2000 albums right now. I think my tastes are not the poster-member of Head-Fi though, and don't know that many hear share them. I see far more youthful tastes being shared in these threads. I guess I'm gettin' old....Infected Mushrooms, Gorillaz, Porcupine Tree, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga just don't do it for me.

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Good call on the thread.

Current rotation - Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Revisited: if you watch the DVD first and then listen to the CD you really get a sense of the space. On the first all vocal track (Miners) the LCD-2 really captures the hight of the church with the echo of Margo's voice.


Classical/Contemporary jazz standards. Miles Davis - Relaxin' (great detail on the background chatter with Miles and the band between tracks)

Country - Johny Cash - Unearthed (CD5) his version of Hurt and the new version of Solitary Man give me chills.

Classic Rock - Rush (Anything before Moving Pictures) Dire Straights (anything)

New Rock - Afghan Whigs (Gentlemen) Clutch (re-release of Blast Tyrant)

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Very Cool WarriorAnt, will definitely stay tuned and now I have something to buy other than tubes for my Lyr biggrin.gif


Avishai Cohen "Seven Seas" and "Aurora" are amazing albums.  


Here's who is on Aurora:

Avishai Cohen: vocals, acoustic bass, piano on "Dreaming" and "Tres hermanicas eran "
Karen Malka: vocals
Shai Maestro: piano 
Amos Hoffman: electric guitar & Oud
Itamar Doari: percussion & vocals on "Two roses"
Jenny Nilsson: vocals on "About a tree"
Jimmy Greene: soprano & tenor saxophone
Lars Nilsson: flugelhorn
Bjorn Samuelsson: trombone
Bjorn Bholin: English horn



Avishai Cohen Trio is my favorite band of all time so I'm a bit biased.  There are 2 Avishai Cohens, one is definitely more popular than the other but I think both are based in Israel.


Avishai Cohen on the double bass and Maestro on piano.  Amazing stuff from the Chick Corea protege.  Saw the trio twice in concert in Seattle and Portland.  Great live or LCD-2.  Double bass plucking can really be heard prominently on the LCD-2.


Avishai Cohen - Seven Seas.jpg


cohen cd.jpg

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I am actually listening to my LCD-2s for the very first time as I post this... I've got "Open Spaces" from the There Will Be Blood OST, and even though the setup is far from ideal (source is my HTC Incredible phone b/c all my equipment is being shipped, but I've got it running into my Schiit Lyr, which I'm also using for the first time ever), I already think this is going to be something special.... I absolutely love this soundtrack, and it really does sound amazing, without any burn-in whatsoever. Wow.... just wow.

If this is really what 320kbps can sound like with a poor DAC, I cannot even imagine what my lossless stuff will be like!! Can't wait to get some Meshuggah, Opeth, DEP, etc going on it!!!

I'm all smiles smily_headphones1.gif

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I'm more of a cherry picker.  I pick tunes from a Cd and then Xfer it to my HD. I hardly ever keep an entire CD.  here are some recent artists I'm listening to.  My tastes run everywhere



Artist: Yael Naïm, CD: Yael Naïm Songs: Too Long, Levater, New Soul, Shelcha, Far Far, Lonely, Toxic.  


Natalie Merchant, The Peppery Man, CD: Leave Your Sleep.


Esionjim, Purple, CD: Backroom Beats


Caroline LaVelle, Karma, CD: Brilliant Midnight 2.0

Caroline LaVelle, The Fall, CD: Brilliant Midnight 2.0


The Cat Empire, The Lost Song, CD: Putumayo Presents: A New Groove

Jehro, Everything, CD: Putumayo Presents: A New Groove


Christian Prommer´s Drumlesson, Can You Feel It, CD: Drumlesson Vol. 1


¡Cubanismo!, Shallow Water Suite/Iko Iko/Shallow Water Rhumba,  Mardi Gras Mambo: ¡Cubanismo! In New Orleans.


David Sylvian, I Surrender, CD: I Surrender


Kistehén Tánczenekar, Virágok a Réten (Romano Drom Remix), CD: Putumayo Presents Gypsy Groove


Laura Veirs CD: Saltbreaker

Ocean Night Song, Salbreakers, Wrecking


Tricky, Bacative, CD: Knowle West Boy


ATB Feat. Christina Soto, Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Version) CD: Distant Earth


Ayub Ogada, Kothbiro, CD: The Constant Gardener



Björk, Oceania, CD: Medulla       Check out the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1N2-ZgD7H0


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Sia - Lady Croissant

Sounds awesome on the lcd2. Chilling emotion


The Bill Evans Trio - Waltz for Debie

Grear jazz album.


Right now I am listening to

Ray Charles - Rare Genius Undiscovered Masters

Perfect for taking advantage of the lcd2 lush mids.

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Good point, KingStyles, the LCD-2 just excel on midtones where vocals live and breath.  I do listen to a whole lot of acoustic and vocal music. 


WarriorAnt - I'm a fan of Laura Veirs as well .  I don't find much weak on any of her albums.  A favorite is, The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae. 


Recent frequent rotations for me:



































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I just picked up Bill Evans complete discography. That's gonna take some time to go through...



Adelle, Lovesong, CD: 21,


ATB Feat. Christina Soto, Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Version) CD:Distant Earth


Bonobo, Dismantling Frank, Cd:Live Sessions


Carbon Based Lifeforms, Hydroponic Garden, Cd:Hydroponic Garden


Esionjim, Purple, CD: Backroom Beats


Freddie Hubbard, Red Clay [Alternate Version] CD:Red Clay


Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell, Subcode, CD: Unity Dub's Voyage into Paradise


Katy Perry, I Kissed A Girl, CD: MTV Unplugged


Kelvis Ochoa, Fue Una de Mambo, CD: Putumayo Presents - Café Cubano

Kelvis Ochoa, Viento Y Tiempo (Cuba), CD: Radio Latino

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Originally Posted by KingStyles View Post


Right now I am listening to

Ray Charles - Rare Genius Undiscovered Masters

Perfect for taking advantage of the lcd2 lush mids.

Thanks for reminding me...I've been meaning to get this album.

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The LCD-2s are versatile, so I guess there´s no such thing as best, but these are "quite good / significantly better" on the LCD-2 (compared with inter alia HD800 / K702):


- Stanley Clarke (e.g. At the Movies, etc): Bass / drive...

- Leonard Cohen (e.g. Ten New Songs): Grown up male voice...


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Current/recent rotation:


- Jazz Vocal: Patricia Barber, Dave's True Stories, Cassandra Wilson

- Psychedelic Rock: It's A Beautiful Day, Grace Slick & the Great Society

- Classic Rock: Eric Clapton (esp. Unplugged), Allman Brothers Band, Blind Faith, Neil Young (esp. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere)

- Country/Folk: Cowboy Junkies (Trinity Session, Trinity Session Revisited), Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch

- Acoustic Blues: Kelly Joe Phelps

- Classical: Montserrat Figueras, Geoff Smith (15 Wild Decembers), Kim Kashkashian (esp. Asturiana), Arvo Part (Alina)

- Jazz: Anouar Brehem (esp. The Astouding Eyes of Rita)

- Contemporary Blues: Cowboy Junkies (20th Century Blues), Marianne Faithful (Rich Kids Blues), Mary Coughlan

- Soundtrack: L'Annulaire (Beth Gibbons)

- Intl. Pop: Veronique Sanson (Amoureuse)

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Good stuff!  I was able to order most of this stuff from my county library.  Love to hear new tunes.  Just finished the Jan Garbarek discography but I only kept 9 tunes.


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LCD-2 sound great with ECM records, and I own many of them. These two are just out and sound fantastic on my LCD-2:


Konitz-Mehldau-Haden-Motian - Live at Birdland


Wolfert Brederode - Post Scriptum

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