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DUNU Trident and Hephaes Review.

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DUNU are at it again with two more models, The DN-12 or Trident and DN-16 or Hephaes. All four models thus far from the DUNU-TOPSOUND resurgence are now available on ebay...http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=DUNU&_sacat=0&_odkw=DUNU&_osacat=0&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313


First up is the Trident.






The Specs:

Driver - 6.8mm Multi-layer membrane

Imp.  - 16Ohm

F.R.   - 10Hz to 20KHz

SPL   - 100dB SPL +/- 2dB

1.2m cable and 3.5mm gold plated straight plug

Weight - 22g

Included accessories - 6 pairs of single flange tips( 2 styles, softer and stiffer S/M/L pairs ), one pair of bi-flanges, case, and warranty card. 


Price ~$50 - http://cgi.ebay.com/DUNU-DN-12-full-range-noise-cancelling-ear-earphone-/180667842647?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item2a10a48057


Build and fit:

Dunu continues the impressive build quality. Titanium alloy machined housings that are extremely solid and quite attractive. Strain reliefs are approx. 7mm, allow for wearing both ways, and are made of sturdy rubber that inspires confidence. Again high quality cabling this time with a straight plug and slender rubber Y joint with matching cord draw. Their pat. pend. cable band is once again present. As are the red and blue R/L indicator rings toward the back of the housings. Once again no complaints. Slightly different than the angled plug and machined aluminum Y-joint of their more expensive phones but it seems no less in quality to me.


Fit is subjective but I find them to perform well. Lighter housings than the Ares or Hephaes stay in the ears well. The tapered design gets smaller toward the ear canal and should fit most people well and without issue. A desired effect from the housing being largest at the outermost part is wind noise reduction. I have used them on two quite windy days and wind noise is not an issue for me. Isolation is about average and more than acceptable for normal use.



I have been impressed with the Trident since right out of the package with the tips that came on them. Bear in mind that if you use certain tips they may be warmer/bassier than my impression here. The usual bit of tuning can be done if you have the right tips.


The Trident have a warm signature that is still very well balanced. A notch less bass than the Radius TWF-21 I also have on hand and also not as dark or thick in bass as the SM3 can be. The SM3 signature is a good comparison. The Trident is also a warm phone that has a large soundstage but still brings everything more close and in your face. Good air and sense of space make for nice separation of instruments and vocals. It does throw sounds quite a bit when called for showing good depth but still they are still mostly a more up front presentation. The Trident is not as bass focused as the SM3 and is more balanced but has some of the elements that make the SM3 presentation engaging.


The in your face nature makes the treble quite apparent and detail easier to hear. The previously mentioned Radius' treble is more laid back and subdued. You have to look a bit to hear that the Radius actually has a bit more treble extension and treble detail. The treble is very well controlled because it's increased presence is due to it being up close instead of more in amount and possibly causing sibilance.


The mids are very well separated and slightly on the lush side. Being up front the vocals are very intelligible and some inflection and emotion is evident. The mids are not as thick as some more inexpensive phones since the bass does not intrude and has very little effect on them. The mids are maybe a slight bit forward but barely and quite well integrated into the cohesive overall presentation.


Lastly the bass. It impressed with it tightness, quickness, and clarity right out of the package. Separation of notes is well done. No one note bass here. The bass goes quite low and only the lowest notes have a good visceral feel to them. This helps the higher notes seem quick and tight and more separate from the low bass. A good low rumble, tight snappy mid-bass, and no intrusion on the mids make for an extremely well done low end that is the foundation for the fun factor. The snappy mid-bass notes match the energetic treble notes and contribute to the balance and cohesiveness and again to the fun making the trident sound quite dynamic and lively. 


For ~$50 the Trident punch above their weight in every aspect: detail, extension, separation, clarity, and flat out enjoyment. One of the more fun phones I have heard in a while. I think they are even more immersive and engaging than either the Radius and SM3. To me the Trident are a real no-brainer and should garner a lot of fans! Just a damn good little phone!    


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Pics for the DN-16





A short write-up to come but for now this thread...http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.erji.net%2Fread.php%3Ftid%3D1001663&sl=zh-CN&tl=en&hl=&ie=UTF-8 (translated from erji.net)...is an interesting read. I only had the IE7 for a short while and that wasn't recently. Joker does have both the IE7 and DN-16 so it will interesting to see what he thinks of how the DN-16 came out vs. the sound "goal" of the IE7.

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I thought your review was spot on.  I ordered the Trident based on your review.  I also own the Eterna's and I find the Trident a more enjoyable listen because it's not as thick sounding.  I am very tempted to order the Hephaes based on how much I like the Trident.  I also wanted to note the customer service I received was top notch.  I ordered through Dunu's eBay site and received them in 4 days.  Thanks for bringing these to attention.   

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Thanks! I was kind of itching to proclaim them another part of the group along with the Eterna, Silver Bullet, PR-1 Pro etc. for those that want that type of "it" factor phone. Only had the Eterna V2 on loan and never heard the V1 or SB for myself. Agree 100% compared to the Eterna V2 about the Trident being less thick and more enjoyable right out of the box. The V2 need more balancing tips at least and maybe some EQ for my tastes. Trident is a bit quicker which suits me as well.  

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Well, I was considering buying a pair of these (trident) just for the hell of it.  Don't have any bass-heavy headphones at all right now, and I like the way these look.  Guess I'll post my impressions when they arrive.  I would imagine I'd be rather underwhelmed coming from the GR07s though. :P

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