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There is a speaker driver in there! 10cm paper cone. We should be looking to fit 4 inch full range speakers in this baby. And there is room left for a bass reflex port. biggrin.gif


I really like your bass head approach though. There is even room for two Sony MDR-XB1000's stacked on each other to get that extra little bit of thump.


Need a neck brace to wear them though.

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Those are pretty cool! beerchug.gif

 Got any more plans for them, or just stopping at adding some dampening?

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Bumping up this post to show another sighting, also to tell what I ended up with in tuning. I am now running the phones with blue-tack on flat surfaces and a piece of felt in the main cavity. The resonances are reduced. With 10 db plus on bass they are listenable. Anyway, here is the third sighting of these phones, at the end of this post:
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Yes these look to be the same headphones as the Sound Dynamic MD-2STV.

Check this out...

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