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Great Headphones For $100 Or Less?

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Hi everyone,


Right now I have Dr Dre Solo Beats but they broke in the headband. After doing some research I found that I can get better headphones for a lot less then what the Beats cost.


I've read that Sennheiser makes good headphones, but I have no idea if another brand I haven't heard about is better.


I'm looking for any style of headphones, but prefer the closed design.

I mainly listen to Dubstep (e.g. Skrillex, Feed Me etc.) and EDM (e.g. deadmau5, Daft Punk etc.).


Thanks in advance for any help!



[EDIT] Also, does Noise Cancelling make a great difference and is it worth it?

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What is your price range and what will the headphones be powered from (source)?

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I suggest  the Sony MDR-v6, $69.00 on Amazon, I don't know of anything in your price range that's closed and comes close to the sound quality of the Sony's, they will beat the pants off the Dr. Dre. 

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Pick up the Koss Pro DJ 100 for $80 at any Best Buy. They do need an amp, but even a $25 E5 will work. They're my favorite headphone that's closed under $200 that I've found. If you don't like them, you can easily return them if needed.


Hopefully someday I'll find a closed headphone under $200 I like more, but no such luck yet. The KRK KNS-8400 and 6400 have come close. Maybe I'll just need to get the Shure SRH-940?


BTW if the DJ100 breaks you ship them to Koss and get a new pair. They have a lifetime warranty and are built like a tank.

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+1 for Mdr - V6


They eat up low quality audio but will give a lifetime of great audio. I just bought a pair and like them, not love them sadly but I do use them as my desktop set up. Also, any headphones in my Signature are under $100 and will give you all the value you need

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