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My setup ;Darkone . I wish i could have a bigger screen.. (15,4 " at the moment)


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Is there any way for you to post this setup so I can steal it?



Originally Posted by sh4w View Post


just updated my setup! biggrin.gif


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Originally Posted by enobeuh View Post

Is there any way for you to post this setup so I can steal it?




I second this!


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I do like the font he's using that's for sure.

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double post

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I find it hard to believe only one user here is using the lyrics plugin.  I can't ever go back without knowing the lyrics. Its the best way to learn songs and its all done automatically.


Foobar Setup

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Lyrics databases are useless for me; I can already understand the English in the music I listen to (even, for example, Dani Filth's vocals for all of Cradle of Filth's songs), and the songs for which I don't understand the lyrics of are typically Japanese, and most lyrics databases don't provide any kanji/katakana/hiragana/romaji or English translations.


Anyhow, changed around my setup slightly:



-- Griffinhart

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Just formatted, pretty simple.

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Foobar by Modo


I'm using the Columns UI with some random layout I gutted to get things right (the splitters are not user friendly):


Album List panel instead of the default view. There's too many songs to sift through one by one.

Some FFT hypnotherapy eye candy at the top.

Basic playlist.

Chronoflow with modified background and shortcuts (double click to replace playlist, Enter to add to playlist), 2 minutes inactivity delay before fixing back on the playing album.

Waveform seekbar to see dynamic range compression at a glance.

Buttons and volume slider left visible for dummies (i.e. friends who don't know my mouse or keyboard shortcuts).

Naturally, all menus were hidden after setup.



F11 for completely full screen mode, browser style. Is there a different shortcut, or a plug-in?

Sorting by artist that ignores "The" at the beginning. Can't seem to find this outside of MediaMonkey.

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That is beautiful. ;_;


-- Griffinhart

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Another DarkOne 3.0.1 user here.



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