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Schiit - Stellar Service

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I wanted to pass along my public thanks to Jason Stoddard at Schiit. I purchased a Valhalla a while back and for some reason I had a capacitor blow. I had speedy service and attention to have the problem fixed. No hassles and straight forward assistance.


Thanks to Jason and my congrats to the Schiit crew for making great products at great prices.





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Surprised more people haven't posted here, given how many people have purchased the Lyr from these guys as of late.  I'm a bit overdue too, but anyway...


I had preordered a Lyr after they announced it.  I had a question about estimated shipping dates, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jason Stoddard himself replied to my e-mail with the information I requested.  Great service.


The amp itself performs admirably.  Thanks guys!

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Bought one LYR which didn't seem to synergize with my equipment and returned for refund hassle free. Ordered another for a different rig with some orthos and WOW!! this much performance at this price point is insane. They respond to emails and shp Qck. Saving $$ for DAC

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Happy customer here of the Bifrost + Lyr...  Have had zero issues with the products themselves, hopefully the lack of threads in this forum are due to lack of customer problems that weren't resolved with a quick call to Jason :)

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Two thumbs up for Jason Stoddard and the gang over at Schiit Audio!  I recently bought a demo Lyr from Audio Advisor and was experiencing a very loud static noise coming from the left channel.  Jason was very helpful and quick to respond to emails!  Sent the amp back and got it fixed for free!  He even hooked me up with two brand new GE tubes and a spare power cord!


Good Schiit guys!  Keep up the great work!!

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