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I'm looking for advice on cans within a $60-ish price range.

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Yes, the title explains pretty much everything. I tried the Sennheiser HD515's, and though the highs and mids are great the bass is lacking (when I listen to stuff like Bassnectar, Skrillex, deadmau5, or other stuff like that, bass is very important to me). I use the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000's for listening to my music on the computer, and I'm looking for a similar sound signature but with slightly better highs/mids (those cost us $50, so there has to be something better). The bass is perfect with the LX-3000's, or at least for my tastes. I really don't mind whether the cans are open or closed, though I've been told that closed cans are able to output better bass. Also, I prefer buying within the USA. Help is much appreciated!

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sony xb500

akg K81DJ

jvc harx900


All came to mind.  There's a gigantic thread in this forum for asking though.

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XB500 I think would be right up your alley.

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try the pioneer se m390

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Thanks for the suggestions! I accidentally left out one important part of this, though... I listen to music on the go pretty much all the time, so I'd like decent portability, too. Some of those models just look massive :P

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I'm trying to burn in the HD515's before I return them, though.

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maybe some portapros?

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I'd second the AKG K81DJ recommendation.  Quite bass-heavy, very portable, pretty sturdy, and the isolation is outstanding.  Also note for shopping purposes that the K518DJ and K518LE are identical, to my knowledge, except that the LE has a one meter cord, which may or may not be to your liking.

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+1 for K81 / K518 DJ (they are the same, K518 is newer and all black and ofc there's the LE versions with shorter cable, 1.2m vs 2.5m and different colors) suggestion if portability matters too.


When looking for bass & portability & isolation around $50~60 mark these won't dissappoint but be aware of the comfort, would probably need headband stretching as otherwise the clamping is very intense unless you got a very small head. The weak point of this headphone is the soundstage/imaging though, but it's also very forward sounding which often leads to a more closed-in feeling like M50, pretty good midrange for the price, highs are significantly rolled off with the default foam inserts which can easily be removed but will most likely make it too bright sounding for most people and the upper bass/lower midrange is a bit elevated resulting in a more warmish approach but not to the point it's too unbalanced in this regard so you'd start loosing a lot of details and such (maybe some yea but nothing of significant matter when we talk about $50~60 headphones).

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Yeah, since I have a fairly large head and I wear glasses, a tight fit wouldn't really work for me... What about the Sony XB500's? I was considering those as a backup plan in case the burn in doesn't help with the HD515's. I'm not really so concerned about the fact that I'd look goofy with them on :P

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XB500 most definitely. I have a large noggin and they are like wearing pillows (albeit sweaty pillows) on my ears. With your preferred music they'd fit perfectly. smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by Geo212 View Post

Yeah, since I have a fairly large head and I wear glasses, a tight fit wouldn't really work for me... What about the Sony XB500's? 

They have amazing bass...but people may laugh at you (if you wear them on public)

just my opinion. 

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I've only recently found out how hard it is to satisfy my musical needs considering I listen to just about everything :P One thing I've noticed about the HD515's is the instrumental separation (or whatever term you guys might have for that) is AMAZING. That really helps with stuff like rock and metalcore. The highs and mids are also really well-done with the HD515's. The main things I don't like about them are 1. The bass lacks a kind of punch to it, and 2. Since they're open, sound can come in and get out very easily. I'm concerned about the instrumental separation and the highs/mids with the XB500's. And I really hate not being able to try them before I buy them -.-

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If I go, say, $20 more than my budget, what kind of balance can I get? I'd go with the XB500's, but it's sounding like there too much bass with them (yes, I'm very picky...). Something with clear highs/mids, tight bass, et cetera. Or do you need to spend major bucks to get that kind of balance? I listened to some of my favorites with my friend's Beyerdynamics DT 990's, and WOW... But I'm not spending more than $300 for those...

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Well it sort of works like this. Soundstage (Intrumental Seperation) and Isolation never can coexist... sorry hun..



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