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For Sale: 12' Professional Guitar Cable w/ Silver Solder

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For Sale:
12' Professional Guitar Cable w/ Silver Solder

Will Ship To: Anywhere

New audiophile quality instrument cable as pictured. It is made with W2524 Mogami cable, audiophile IA-423 silver solder, Neutrik NP2X-B connectors, and Techflex Flexo PET outer jacket.


I have 2 lengths available.

12'2'' long, 3'' shrink tube (pictured) : $33 + shipping

12'8'' long, 4'' shrink tube                     : $35 + shipping

Audiophiles also claim that IA-423 is the best sounding solder they've ever heard, possibly due to its improved conductivity, owing to both its high silver and copper content.

This cable was designed for excellent sound in a durable package. Using high purity copper shielding ensures very low noise, while the high purity copper center conductor conveys ultimate tone. The cross-linked polyethylene dielectric is heat resistant and will not shrink as quickly as pvc. The Mogami cable is designed to prevent microphonics with a conductive carbon impregnated polymer sub-shield placed under the shield conductor. If you want the best cable to go from your instrument to your rig, then this is it.



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What color is the jacket? The pic is too small...

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It is red/yellow/blue/green stripes.  The picture should enlarge if you click it.

I now have 2 lengths available.

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Price reduction.

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