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I recently bought the headphone bag for my hd598 and after i put it in for 2 weeks i pull it out it get dirty like this



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help me to remove this pls

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take a wet cloth and a drop of dishwasher liquid. rub gently.


That should do the trick.

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I tried to wash with my jewel and it doesnt work

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i mean bleach it but still no  work

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You BLEACHED your Headphones?!?  eek.gif


Looks like the Dye was poorly fixed on the bag material. Try some White Petrol, the Stuff Dry Cleaners use, or similar Solvents. Start by using milder solvents, such as Rubbing Alcohol, and if that does not get it off, graduate to stronger stuff. Don't try something stupid like Paint Stripper though. The vapours from those will most likely Dissolve your Headphone's Diaphragms.


PROTIP - Wet a Q-Tip or cotton earbud with the solvent, and start working from the outside of the stain inwards to the center. This way, you can prevent the Stain from spreading. Use plenty of dry earbuds to soak up the solvent and the dye with it.


As Always, YMMV. Try this at your own Risk. Test the solvents out on a hidden corner of the material first to see if it leaves its own stain.

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I know this is an old thread, but I have the exact same color transferring somehow to my 598 (and in a larger amount), and no leather cleaner is getting it out.


Any luck TC?

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Forgot the pic:



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So odd it is the same color.  And it's right where mine were left on the cable.  Maybe the TC's cable was in that area as well and somehow something blue rubbed off or reacted with the band?



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