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Hi Vancouver, BC

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Im doing a project at the Waldorf Hotel this weekend where you could come and listen to this setup:The Fair Web.jpg

Apple Lossless(for the most part) > Apogee Duet > PoPulse t-70 > Silverline Audio Minuets


its part of and art fair called "The Fair".  Come to the Waldorf Hotel, Room 128 during these hours if you're interested:

friday: 5-11pm

saturday: 1-5pm 7-11pm

sunday: 11am-2pm


if mods delete this whatev, i dont care.


p.s. this is the actual setup in the actual space

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What's the project you're doing? I had a quick look at the exhibitors, but couldn't tell which you were a part of.

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i was doing a project with Hedreen Gallery from Seattle.  it's Seattle University's art gallery.  


a short essay my collaborator and I wrote can be downloaded here:


dont know if anyone from head-fi came, but it sure was fun (both listening to a TON of music, and hanging out in this awesome city)

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