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Eeeegads, I missed the boat a long while ago! I couldn't just exclaim this to the neighbors so I've decided to talk with you all about em. For all you Yuin lovers out there, I'll merely affirm the consensus that out of the box (I look forward to many hours of burn in, though); G2A's are that affordable pair of neutral portable headphones I was looking for. I can agree that these are a tolerant set.


Haha, silly HeadDirect didn't send that "Free" Fiio E3 with them like they said they would though. confused.gif (Left a Voicemail)


Being a young basshead basshead.gif I will say they are really well controlled in the low sector which I would say is a more realistic approach. They sure are pretty even from what I've heard as they do well with all genres it seems! I can't say that they've made me wince as I thought perhaps from other reviews. They definitely are going to be great for college this fall as they sound great loud or soft. (Library situations FTW!) I really like what they do with fast guitar! You can hear every part of the song which I like; nothing is muffled or lost with these little guys. They are slightly similar to my SR-60's though I prefer the Yuin's as the Grado's can hurt a bit with cymbal crashes. Speaking of symbols there is one little thing I dislike and that would be the at times 'metallic' sounds; it's usually when they are SUPER loud though. I have a feeling a future E17 could fix this though.


I am quite satisfied with these as they do present a great value for the dollar. It was a short drop off instead of a cliff I jumped off this time. tongue.gif I do long for a pair of G1A's though I think I will get them later once I have a decent amp for them to reside on. I do wonder what Bass response the G1's have to offer vs the G2's. I also wonder what USB DAC the E17 will offer. popcorn.gif


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