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Universal IEMs that are STURDY?

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I am sick and tired of buying new IEMs when my previous pairs die. I don't baby my pairs. I work out all the time and need my phones. I take them to work, I wear them during commutes... anyway, I need something with actual build quality. Budget is up to 250$, preferably 200$.

How about the CK10?
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Best choice within that budget - but I don't think any pair of IEMs - no matter how well built can take the kind of abuse you are describing (atleast from the sound of it). You do not have to baby them - but just taking the effort of putting them in their (awesome) case and not yanking the cable too hard should make them last a long while.

In any case, if you just want a pair you can abuse, better stay with a cheap - decent sounding IEM, rather than dropping $250 on one.

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How about the CK10?


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Westone 2

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Sennheiser IE7, IE8, FX500, CK10, EX700 and SM2.

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My Klipsch S5i is now 4 months old, and has taken the daily abuse that I put it through without any problems. I'm pretty much a human durability tester for earphones -- I plug 'em in and out multiple times a day everyday, put them in the pocket of my pants or jacket, etc etc.


The sound signature, though, is another matter. Very bassy, to say the least.


I'm currently considering ordering the CK10, based on reviews here. Seems to have the durability that we are looking for.

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Though this would be my first IEM over 100$, I'd gladly shell that money if I knew it had a detachable cable. Since it doesn't, and because getting these repaired is difficult (they have been discontinued), I am finding it hard to pull the trigger. Cables seem to be the problem points for my phones, as I do my best to keep them in cases.

However the only ones I can think of with detachable cables are IE8 and IE7 (?) but these don't have the right sound signature for me.

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Two choices for you


Audio Technica ATH-CK10 - Pristine sound that most other IEMs are benchmarked against. Super durable, high quality cables that can be bunched up and shoved in a pocket without worry.  They're in your price range.  I love mine and have grown to like them better than the UE TripleFi 10's that I had briefly before one of the drivers died in it.  (avoid the triplefi, they're not durable at all, loved the sound but they don't stand up to abuse).  


I have owned them since October.  I had a relative order a pair for me when I went to Japan for an inlaw's wedding.  They're in the same condition as when I got them.   Straight out of my iPhone they're very neutral.  If you like that, great, if not you could use a portable amp to get the most out of them though, high impedence and all.  I use a Fiio E5 with the line out cable, it's great with them, or an E3 works great as well.  They also sound fantastic un-amped from my computer with a Sound Blaster X-Fi HD 5.1 USB.


Oh and get foam tips for them!  Comply T-200 tips fit them perfectly and really round them out and help give the bass that definition they're known for.


Panasonic HJE900 - Casing is made from Zirconium.  AKA Diamond.  You can run over these with a car and they won't have a scratch on them.  The cables are replaceable, tips are readily available from comply foam.   I own these as well.  My dog ate them once, chewed one of the earbuds off the cable and swallowed it.  I made him throw it up later, cleaned it up, and it was no worse for the wear.  They still work great.  If that's not durability I don't know what is.  They also sound great without an amp right out of my iPhone.  Some say they're a little bit V-shaped (strong bass & treble, weak mid), but that can be fixed with an equalizer.   They sound great out of the box though.  They lack the clarity of the CK10s but don't need an amp and I dare you to find a more durable pair of IEMs.  Detatchable cable and body made of zirconium.  What more can you ask for?


The sad part is you could have bought the Panasonics for $80 about 6 months ago, but apparently they've discontinued them in the US like Audio Technica did with the CK10's, so you have to pay a premium to get them.





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Panasonic HJE900 - Casing is made from Zirconium.  AKA Diamond.  You can run over these with a car and they won't have a scratch on them.

Nope, sorry. Zirconia is definitely not the same as Diamonds. Diamonds are made of out of carbon, and only carbon, and Zirconia has Oxygen and Zirconium, a metal, which is not what your earbuds are made out of, either. Zirconia is reasonably tough stuff, and is used as a diamond look-alike in it's cubic form (CZ aka Cubic Zirconia).

Particularly when made properly, it can be very resiliant, which explains why you could drive over it. But Diamond it is not. If it was, I can guarantee you that it would cost a hell of a lot more than the $120 that the HJE900 goes for.
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sorry, not the exact same thing as diamond, more like cubic zirconium, but shares many of the properties of it, and it's still hard as hell.  Is there any IEM made of a harder substance?  Tungsten Carbide maybe?

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