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Has anyone sampled the new Onkyo C-7030 CD Player

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Someone mentioned this cd player in a budget thread a while back and I still have yet to find any reviews on this product.

Id like to know more about the Wolfson® 192 kHz/24-bit DAC as well as the headphone jack w/volume control.


Will I have a better listening experience with this piece of equipment or a Audio gd NFB-12 paired with a old dvd player.


onkyo C-7030__S

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Seconded...I am looking to get a decent CD player for my setup (am a vinyl nerd, but, the price of second hand CDs has me thinking in terms of economics for some titles)....I was wondering if this was worth a try...

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Looks very nice and comes in black. Price does not look bad. Looks like it sells for $199. http://www.us.onkyo.com/model.cfm?m=C-7030&class=Compact Disc&p=s




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Just ordered mine, 

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How's it sound? I may be picking one up.

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Received my C 7030 today.Build like a tank (22 Lbs). Headphone out put is very dynamic and clear but of course I use low impedance headphones.


This is a giant step from Onkyo since the SQ is pretty good. There is none of those nasty harsh digital while I am listening to Diana Krall. Vocal is very huge and the bass is not bloating.


I may get the CS 5Vl ( with dedicated headphone out) instead of trying some under $500.00 DAC/AMP. 

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I'm in the process of putting together a second system for CDs and headphones only.  At this point I've pretty much settled on the Schiit Asgard headphone amp. 


For the CD player, I was going to go with a JVC XLZ1050tn.  For the old folks out there, this big, heavy player was all the rage back in the 1990s.  Think I paid around $700 for it all those years ago, and my dad still has it.  :)  Called him today and the ancient old JVC is dead.  So much for what could have been a fun pairing of new tech and old tech.


So here I sit in 2012 looking for a nice CD player.  The Onkyo C-7030 for $199 has caught my attention.


Wolfson 192/24 DACs, massive transformer, heavy duty chassis.  Sounds like this could be lots of good sound for not too much money.


For what it's worth, I've also been looking at the Cambridge Audio 550 and the NAD 515.  Both of those players are $300. 

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Placed my order for the Onkyo C-7030.  I'm sure the Cambridge Audio and NAD players are nice, but I'm just not looking to spend $300 right now.


Will do a review and some photos once it shows up.

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The C-7030 showed up last night thanks to Amazon.  Mine is the black version.  It's heavy, seems to be well built, and I like the clean look of the player.


I imagine interest in an old fashioned CD player is rather low these days, but I will post some pics when I can.

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Thanks for this thread and the posts.  I'm glad to see that there's still some interest in such players for providing good quality 2-channel sound.  Though, I suspect our days are numbered with these desires.  While I don't have quite $300 to spend on just a dedicated CD player at the moment, I've used the Music Hall / Onix, etc. in the past with great results.  At the moment, I'm settling in with a used (cheap) Blu-Ray player from Sony that I picked up because it had Burr-Brown DACs.  I also have the Denon 1740 DVD player - again, Burr-Brown DACs that I've used at times and it's a pretty good sounding low-budget player.  I wouldn't pay more than $50 or so for the Denon at this point in time due to it being an older (2-3 years) model.

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I just bought 2 at Amazon.  $162 was too good to pass up.  My wife wants one in the living room again.  She says the music from her mp3 is annoying not soothing.  Can I get an amen?    Has anyone done or seen mods?  It looks like the psu could be pulled out very easily.  Just need to come up with the umbilical.  Where do you get ribbon like that? Or the connectors?  If it is 12Vdc maybe even a battery.

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