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Sennheiser HD-202 vs. HD-203

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Hey everyone!


I'm a budding audiophile who is currently shopping for a good starting pair of headphones. I have some decent-for-the-price Sony MDR-150's, but I think it's time to kick things up a notch and I've been told that Sennheiser is the way to go.


However, in exploring and doing some research, I find myself stumped as to whether or not to purchase either the Senn. HD-202 or the HD-203. In reading the reviews, I have read nothing but good stuff about both models (in equal amounts), and I have had a few friends rave about the HD-202's as being better than some of the best cans you can buy under $200. Unfortunately, none of my friends have experience with the HD-203's, so that's why I'm coming to you guys. Here are the factors I need for deciding:


Musical Tastes: Everything, (and I mean EVERYTHING), but my core ones are:

-Classical (esp. Medieval/Renaissance)

-Industrial (mainly EBM, Aggrotech, Futurepop)

-Black Metal

-Gothic Rock/Darkwave

-Synthpop/New Wave



-Should be closed sound, people shouldn't be able to hear what I'm listening to

-Relatively comfortable, appearance doesn't matter


So what'll it be? 202, or 203? Thank in advance for y'all's help!





(as an aside, if you guys known of an even better set of cans that fit my specifications that are under $150, I'd love to know... I looked at the Senn. HD-580's, but they were open air!)

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I have both of these and I find the HD-202's sound better. I bought the HD-203's because someone on amazon reviewed them and said they were clearer (less veiled) in the mids and highs. I have not found this to be the case, in fact I think the HD-202's sound clearer to me. The HD-203's sound pretty bad actually. If you're looking for something cheap, check out the JVC HARx700's or HARX-900's, they got some great reviews and are very moddable. If you have $150 to blow and you're not a total basshead the ATH-M50's will pretty much be the best all around unamped closed can.

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hd 203 can beat hd 202 in sound quality any day........., hd 202 may have good base but hd 203 have much better sound with good bass also....... hd 203 any day

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